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  1. Charge your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in your car with XtremeMac's InCharge Auto Lightning Car Charger. The compact design offers 2.1A for fast and efficient charging on the road with a 1-metre long Lightning connector cable.

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  2. XtremeMac's InCharge Home LT is a dual USB wall charger that lets you charge any two iPhone, iPad or iPod devices simultaneously. The compact wall charger includes dual USB ports each with 2.1 amps for fast charging, as well as a Lightning-to-USB cable and global wall adapters.

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  3. XtremeMac’s Tango Bar speaker allows you to experience audio from your Mac in an entirely new way with leading-edge technology that delivers up to twice the output power of most traditional USB speakers. Featuring a slim and clean design, the Tango Bar fits neatly beneath an iMac or Cinema Display.


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  4. Charge your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in your car with the XtremeMac Incharge Auto LT Plus. Offering 2.4 amps of power for fast and efficient charging, the charger comes with a 1-metre Lightning-to-USB cable, and has a second USB port for charging other USB-powered devices simultaneously.

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