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  1. The Smarter iKettle lets you enjoy boiled water when it's convenient for you. Pre-boil the iKettle from anywhere in the home, office or on the go via the iKettle app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Select from four temperature settings and ensure you get the perfect tea or coffee every time. Receive boil-ready notifications, set wake-up alarms and have the iKettle heated for when you get home.


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  2. Give your plant the best chance in life with this Flower Power plant sensor, which reads your plant's environment and communicates its needs straight to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using the free Flower Power app. Planted close to a plant, either in the ground or a pot, Flower Power measures attributes that are key to a plant's health, including soil moisture, fertiliser, ambient temperature and light intensity.

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  3. iGrillmini is a pocket-sized Bluetooth Smart grilling thermometer that lets you avoid the heat and monitor the temperature of your food using the app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from up to 150 feet away. Never worry about your steaks being overcooked - you'll know exactly when they're ready.

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  4. Keep on top of your household energy consumption with smappee, a home energy monitor that provides real-time information about your appliances. Via a single monitor, smappee measures your precise household energy consumption and recognises your appliances to ensure you're on top of how much you're using.


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