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    Brilliant Microphone

    • Written by from Aberdeen

    I used this microphone to record a suite of software tutorial videos and the quality I got out of the microphone was simply amazing. It gave the videos a very good feeling of quality with a soft warm recording tone for voice.

    Previously I had tried several other devices including the inbuilt Macbook Pro's microphone, a set of Astro Gaming A30's and several other similar headset microphones - none of these came even close to the Yeti.

    I see one person is complaining about the microphone picking up background noise. It is very sensitive (which is usually a sign of a good quality microphone?) and if not adjusted correctly will pick up sound from many tens of metres away. I happened to build a small recording room with pillows as sound bafflers to elliminate outside noise while turning up the gain but I also found dropping the gain and setting it to directional gave very good results as long as Ispoke close to the microphone (as you might see if you watch anyone speaking on the radio).


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    • Written by from sandhurst

    its simply brilliant and easy to use

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