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    Works very well in then South of France.

    • Written by from County Dublin

    I bought this as a bit of an experiment and I have to say I'm pretty happy with the results. It found all the French TNT stations very quickly and the quality is excellent. The hardware is small and robust and that software is easy to use, though the vendor is a bit precious on S/W unlock keys etc. Since their software is tied to the H/W insofar as one without the other is useless I thought that was a bit silly. All in all a good buy. I'm going to buy another one one for my daughter. No need for her to waste space in her student accommodation with a TV, her MacBook and this will do fine :-)

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    Ye cannae change the laws of physics...

    • Written by from Wendover

    I just thought it was important to respond to the reports of bad reception using this product. Unfortunately, the centre of a big city - like London - is exactly the sort of situation and location that all receivers struggle with.

    In fact, there are not "multiple high power transmitters" - there are just a few - with a number of other low power repeaters. Added to that, there are many high buildings that reflect transmitted signals - with both constructive and destructive interference.

    There are many locations in London where reception of terrestrial signals is just not possible - with any kit. DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) has a transmission method that combats multi-path interference, whereas DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) does not.

    In some situations, the physical location of the antenna can make a big difference. Even as little as a few feet can have a big effect - and sometimes different locations suit different channels (multiplexes) better.

    You could try adding a USB extender cable in line with the device - meaning that you can change the location of the antenna whilst keeping your Mac in a suitable place for viewing.

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