• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Sensational headphones

    • Written by from Turvey

    I am blown away with these P5's. The sound they produce is very good and of a high standard. The bass and treble is not overly done like some which after a while does become tiring. The sound is clear and crisp and feels like I am actually at a concert with the band live - They are that good.

    They are very comfortable and light to wear and don't slide off my ears/head if I shake my head. They may not be "noise cancelling" items, but do you really, really require this feature. Its nice to have a bit of background noise from your surroundings I think.

    The case/pouch that has a quilted design and with magnetic flap is just as nice and the headphones are good.

    I have one one criticism and that is the cable is a little thin and not of thinker flex cable - but that only my opinion.

    These are great headphones and are defiantly worth the price tag.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    B & W quality as usual

    • Written by from Clane

    I recently purchased these headphones and have been delighted with the quality of sound and comfort involved with the wear. i had tried over ear, in ear etc and was always uncomfortable after a number of hours wear. The sheepskin leather and angle of the earpads make these headphones a winner for me. The sound quality is excellent, simple crisp sound rather than additional bass.If you like dance music these probably are not the right headphones for you.

    An added incentive is that as part of your purchase you get membership to the bowers and wilkins music site, the society of sound. You can download a selection of their music with apples lossless quality for three months free of charge. This goes straight in to your itunes library. I would recommend trying the accidental powercut series as these were recorded in tandom and for the launch of these headphones to really show how good they are.

    In summary,


    Crisp natural sound
    Easy to use cable controls with iphone
    Beautifully crafted and comfortable
    society of sound membership


    Requires quality recordings to make the most of the sound
    Noise isolation rather than cancelling so not great for air travel or train journeys

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent job by B&W

    • Written by from Rothbury

    Quite simply, the best mass produced headphones I've ever used.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    amazing !!!!

    • Written by from harrow

    i had a choice between these headphones, beats, and bose.... these badboys were defiatly the ones to choose... the sound is alot more clear, they look nicer and are alot more comfortable the wire also doesnt tangle. the best thing about these headphones are that they can be used with all types of music. i listen to everything from hip-hop to cultral music such as bhangra.. i highly recommened these headphones to anyone !!! =]

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Class Pure British Class!!!!!

    • Written by from redhill

    Ive owned these headphones for a good few months now and now they are broken in i can write my review with accuracy unlike MS From Bourne!!!!
    These are by far the best iphone/ipod headphones on the market. MS you should realise that there is no need at all for bass and treble adjustment and stupid equalizers!!! this is hifi at its most pure not some rubbish covered in lights and pointless gimmicks!!!
    As for looks and quality im sure im not alone when i say these are the best looking best made headphones you can buy specifically for iphone/ipod.and for that matter most other headphones struggle to keep up with these.
    MS you clearly have very little knowledge of quality hi fidelity equipment or music, maybe you should listen to some high quality lossless audio and then make your judgement. these are not dr dre beats that hammer out ridiculous levels of bass! ive owned them so i can comment.
    these are refined high quality audio headphones from a name that is synonomous with producing the best loudspeakers known to man(nautilus) to name just one. they are used by abby road studios who im sure have an idea of what music should sound like.
    as for the headphones they are brilliant never sounding harsh or tinny. always on the money with highs and mids, even on bass heavy tracks the vocals are clear and rich involving you and drawing you in as if your sat in the studio where the track is being produced.
    i cannot praise these headphones enough to be honest, what with the memory foam ear pads that are wrapped in the softest leather i have ever felt, to the solid highly polished chrome and aluminum they are a joy to look at as much as to listen to.
    i also have the FiiO E7 headphone amp and this really brings them to another level!!!
    if you want to look like an idiot who thinks hes cool buy the beats, if you want real understated track proven quality and the most natural sound you will hear at this money its a no brainer the P5s are the kings/gods/ daddy!!
    go to the apple store and please listen to them for a while not 30 seconds you will be blown away!!!!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice Quality Cans

    • Written by from ARDROSSAN

    Have had now for 3 weeks and was dissapointed at the sound levels when using with an ipod not exactly like a concert, however they are great for the TV and PS3 where you can have a more amplified input. The build quality is sublime apart from the very delicate cable. I seen some reviews which stated you get a spare cable which isn't 100% correct as the iphone/ipod cable has 4 contacts on the plug whereas the "spare" has 3 contacts and has to be used for anything else bar an iphone/ipod. I have an ipod classic but the cable features don't work so it must be too old to be compatible.
    I bought these as I wanted headphones to listen to the TV in bed and they are so comfortable to wear even for long periods but can cause pain if wearing spectacles. I have also had Bowers and Wilkins experience as I bought a Zeppelin almost 2 years ago and knowing what that was like swung it for me. The price is a sore point but I would say most of the cost has went into the chic materials and not the internals. For a first attempt at headphones I would say B & W have made a quality piece of equipment for the price being charged as headphones can cost thousands.
    If you are looking for quality headphones you could do worse than buying these........

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Astonishing Headphones!

    • Written by from Brighton

    I just bought a pair of these headphones, and they are truly amazing. The sound is so clear comparing with previous headphones. Anyone in any doubt, shouldn't be as you won't be disappointed.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention the incredible build quality!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent product

    • Written by from Sheffield

    Yes its very good product....excellent sound of music, I can hear very clear and clean all the instruments. I really enjoed it to listened for every music..the only thing is ...too dear for the price

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    hhhmmmmm - a bit poor to be honest!

    • Written by from Bourne

    My bro received a pair of these for xmas and i was thinking the creators of the Zeppelin must have made some proper nice headphones. Unfortunately i wasn't impressed with the look of then to start with but i continued to have a listen. If i'm honest the sound quality is really muddy. No highs, no lows. To me they just sounded like a 10 quid pair of headphones! They also didn't seem block noise out very well so overall a very poor performance from the people at B&W. We ended up returning them for a set of Bose QC3's which are the complete opposite of these.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Audio heaven

    • Written by from Durham

    Whilst filling in some time waiting for my One to One appointment I thought I'd have a play with the new iPod. Never give any thought to the headphones, and felt no desire to get new ones, just popped them on. Saw one of my favourite bands was on so played the album and I experienced something amazing. The sound from these was so astounding that I stopped dead and was utterly spellbound. My music sounded like never before ( well not since listening to it on my separates system ).

    These are pure genius. Beautiful to look at, to touch , to wear and to listen to. Is £250 a lot to spend on headphones. Unless your a very very rich person then yes and I don't consider myself to be one but I felt compelled to get these ( especially to beat the VAT rise ).

    Just for info I have listened to good audio before. I have an Arcam separates system with B&W speakers and MK surround sound speakers. This feels like taking the sound from these and beaming it straight into my ears. If like me you've had kids and can never enjoy the days of uninterupted high quality audio you can now. Just wear these when you next go out without them. Amazing.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent Product - Shame about price

    • Written by from WOKINGHAM

    I researched my new pair of headphones relentlessly for the last month, and as a frequent traveller, wanted something that I could use on a plane, something that would help with the noise, and something that was also high quality.
    I very quickly got it down to the P5 and the Bose QC15. I tried both a number of times in the UK, but due to the pricing, held off on my purchase until a recent trip to the States. On 'Black Friday' I was able to snap these up at $228, which taking into account the exchange rate, was an amazing saving (there was zero discount same day in the UK).
    So despite feeling a little disappointed that I have to travel to the States to buy a British product at a great price, how do I feel about the product. In a word, amazing.

    The headphones are much smaller than I had originally envisioned. Anyone considering a purchase should really try before you buy, as I had it in my head that these were 'over the ear' headphones like the QC15. They aren't, and actually sit on your ear. Here is the first issue, you have to make sure they are really well positioned to get the best audio, and unfortunately, because they are so comfortable, you can't always tell. You soon get used to this though.

    The noise isolation is very good. It isn't as good as the Bose QC15, and from what I tested, nothing beats those for getting rid of plane noise, however I found (on my recent 747 ride back from JFK) that when playing music or watching a movie, the P5's are really very good indeed.

    As for audio quality, these are much better than the QC15's in my opinion, and they were good in themselves. I tried the 'Dr Dre Beats' which were just over bassy and artificial sounding.

    So in summary, if you want great headphone sound that you can wear all day long (very comfy) then the P5's are your headphones of choice. If you really do value the noise 'isolation' side of things, then the QC15's may be the better option, but either way, if you can buy in the States, you will save money.... and not just a small amount.

    Excellent product as you'd expect from B&W.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Hythe

    Beautiful to look at, beautiful to listen to, and very comfortable to boot.

    Comparing against Shure in-ear (SE310), there's absolutely no contest, the bass on these is so much warmer and the sound just feels richer. I've just never heard anything better and I've been through a lot of earphones.

    Only minor criticism - they do make your ears hot after a long time (a couple of hours). But I couldn't dock it a star for that.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Launceston

    Stunning look and incredible sound. If you can afford £250 on a pair of headphones, these should be your only choice. Only slight downside, the pressure from the magnets on each ear do cause some discomfort if you wear glasses.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Expensive, but worth it.

    • Written by from ardee

    I have tried various types of earphones/headphones with iPod & iPhone & was never really completely with the sound quality, so I decided to splash out & go for real quality. I read all reviews & finally settled on the Bowers & Wilkins P5's. These are fantastic & I would really recommend them if you want to hear your music the way it was intended. They take a while to break in, but after a short while they settle & I found myself listening to music I had not played for years, finally found what I was looking for.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best headphones ever!!!!!

    • Written by from LONDON

    Bought it recently from Apple online-store so far I have it for a week and am enjoying it, the quality of these cans are truly amazing, and the fact you can change cables also on-ear leather buds completely replaceable, been listening to Swedish House Mafia's new album on these and they INSANE!!!!! if you haven't bought it what you waiting for ? go to apple store try em out and its the make that says it all its Bowers Wilkins they known for they best speakers, now they will be know for they headphones. for those thinking beats by dre its all bullcrap they leak sound out and its made out of plastic these B&W are metal and leather only pure classic

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Just one small thing

    • Written by from Woking

    These headphones are wonderful, but I find that using them for a long amount of time (more than half an hour) that my ears that start to hurt from the pressure of the headphones but this does stop them falling of when I am walking with them on. And they have so much more style that Dr Dre (which break) and Bose (which are stupidly priced). cord is a bit fragile but look after them and they will go a long way!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Rolls Royce of Headphones

    • Written by from CHORLEY

    I bought these headphones after testing in the Apple store in Oxford St London, whilst on holiday. They had just come out, and although I tried every set of phones in the shop, none in my opinion came close in sound quality and build construction .

    Like many other’s here I balked initially as spending this amount of money on headphones. In fact I had to save for three months out of my spending money to buy them!

    But boy were they worth it. I have never heard music sound so good no matter what source i’m listing through. Vinyl via Turntable, CD player, Computer, ipod and digital downloads. Everything sounded just so much more alive and with depth.

    I have had them for nearly nine months and they look just as brand new, despite being worn nearly every day, inside and outside the home. They are so comfortable, and you can wear them for hours without your earns going numb from pressure.

    They come with two cables, one a standard cable that fits all 3.5 jacks and can be used with any device with a headphone socket, as well as a remote control lead that allows you to adjust volume (not all devices are supported, but most of the Apple ipods and iPhones are) as well previous and next tracks, as well as stop. On the iphone, you can answer phone calls and speak via the tiny mic built into the cable, when you finish the call, music fades back to the track you were listening to before the call.

    These headphones have so impressed me, that I saved up to buy the Zeppelin speakers, which I got a month ago, and like the headphones, they are pure magic.

    If you are looking for the best sound, followed by good looks and quality of build, then you cannot go wrong with the B&W P5 headphones. Yes, there are others on the market in direct competition, and you might save a few pounds, but believe mew when I say, these are the ultimate headphones and worth every penny. You wont be disappointed.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Sublime cans

    • Written by from Mitcham

    Absolutely sublime. I have very wide musical tastes and everything I've played through them has sounded great. The only drawback is that I'm going to have to re rip my iTunes library as apple lossless now so I can get the best out of them on the move as well as at home!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Middlesbrough

    These things make Dr. Dre's 'Beats' feel like £3 pieces of rubbish. Sound quality is brilliant too. Can't use my standard iPhone earphones now I've listened to music with these.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from London

    Nice little b&W thing,I ear you can run with them but I really advice no ..

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