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    hhhmmmmm - a bit poor to be honest!

    • Written by from Bourne

    My bro received a pair of these for xmas and i was thinking the creators of the Zeppelin must have made some proper nice headphones. Unfortunately i wasn't impressed with the look of then to start with but i continued to have a listen. If i'm honest the sound quality is really muddy. No highs, no lows. To me they just sounded like a 10 quid pair of headphones! They also didn't seem block noise out very well so overall a very poor performance from the people at B&W. We ended up returning them for a set of Bose QC3's which are the complete opposite of these.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from GATESHEAD

    Went along to the apple store in Newcastle to try these headphones after reading all the great reviews. To say i was disappointed would be an understatement, they just sounded way too tinny, poor bass sound and not that comfortable, i can not understand how these phones have had all these great reviews, very poor in my opinion, and i have tried many many various headphones.While i was in the apple store i tried a pair of Monster Beats by Dr Dre,, wow i was blown away instantly, mega bass sound realy comfy, the best sound i have ever heard from any phones, needless to say i bought them instantly, a zillion percent better than the B&Ws,,don,t be fooled try them out then try the monster beats you will be amazed by the difference in sound quality,,

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    Awful aesthetics

    • Written by from Green ST Green

    May have the sound quality but that will be lost with the UK volume set on new UK ipods, the first bit of airplane cabin noise or road rumble and its lost.
    As for the looks, have seen better looking headphones lying discarded in skips at the BBC.
    Ugly as sin - surprising considering how right they got the zeppelin.

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