• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    The best compromise of size versus sound.

    • Written by from LEICESTER

    It's a bit difficult to be completely unbiased when you have just blown this much money on anything, but for me these speakers deserve high praise.

    They really are beautiful pieces of kit, from the subtle angle to the solid build quality and side-firing bass slots, they ooze quality. They feel like bricks of aluminium which is reassuring when you crank up the volume - they won't be reverberating or jumping across your desk, thats for sure.

    I was amazed by the incredible amount of bass produced from such a small size, it is like there is a bass box hidden somewhere in the room. Some might say that there isn't enough - personally I feel that Bose have achieved their aim to reproduce content as accurately as possible. There isn't huge "try hard" rumblings that you can get with many larger systems - but instead, a well balanced sound. This is true from quiet levels up to its maximum volume where the speaker seems to automatically limit the volume to ensure there is no "clipping" of sound. This means you will get the maximum volume the speaker is capable of producing at its highest quality and distortion free.

    I've got them in an office and they are easily powerful enough for general listening and to crank up for my favourite tunes. They could easily fill a room with sound at a general listening level but they ARE compact speakers, so expecting them to replicate a home cinema is unrealistic.

    The only negative I have is the power-brick that doesn't complement their compact size when you are packing them in your bag, especially after all their hard work to get these speakers so small!

    As a rule, sound quality goes down with size (or is backed up by a separate subwoofer), Bose broke the rule with these beauties with rich, realistic, well balanced sound in a tiny package. They look awesome too. Well worth the money if you want the best!

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from STOKE-ON-TRENT

    I'm a huge fan of Bose and have a number of products. These speakers are sadly a let down. Good but not great. I expected great! Volume just isn't high and deep enough!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very good quality

    • Written by from Leeds

    These Bose computer speakers are not only have a very good build quality but their sound quality is superb, it's like listening through headphones but without the inconvenience of the weight. A most exelant product.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Good for your office but not for your home

    • Written by from Gravesend

    These are very well made/built - NO doubt about that... but I would expect wireless technology with this price tag. that's a separate issue.

    These speakers are certainly not for a Living Room (large room) where you would want to have some vibrating sound. These are low volume good quality (NOT EXCELLENT) neat speakers for your study room / office.

    Also, it seems that the bass just flats out on higher volume and speakers produce ugly sound until you lower the volume..... seems the speakers are just not built for even little higher volume. but if you are listening music of low to mid volume in your study room (a small room) they'll be OK.

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