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    EyeTV Diversity 2008

    • Written by from Hanwell

    I recently bought a TubeStick tuner but sent it back because the software "The Tube" did not match my expectations. TubeStick is cheaper and delivers really great video quality but the software lacks of few important features such as a overlayed program guide which makes it impossible to read it from the couch.

    So I replaced it with an EyeTV Diversity.

    First notice compare to the TubeStick is I was able to get few more channels (21 on with TubeStick and 29 with EyeTV Diveristy).

    Second notice is the video quality EyeTV Diversity is much less than with TubeStick. I was really amazed by the DVD like quality of TubeStick and EyeTV was just like watching VCD lacking of sharpness and having compression artifacts. But it is still decent and unnoticeable if you watch from the couch (at a distance, which is usually how I watch it).

    EyeTV Diversity includes two internal TV tuners and you can connect one antenna to each. In the preferences you can set how those two tuners are working together:
    - in Diversity mode, the two tuners are set to the same frequency and a DSP will generate merge the two signal and generate a better signal. For me this is working inconsistently. Some channels were much better some others are just worse.

    - in Dual Tunner mode, the two tuners are independent, which allows you to watch two channels at the same time either as picture in picture or with two separated windows. You can also watch one channel and record another one. In this mode I've noticed that channels that don't work on Diversity Mode have one tunner in 100% quality and the other at 0%. If I move the 2nd tuner's antenna to get 100% quality then the channels works perfectly in Diversity Mode.

    - in Single Antenna mode, as its name indicates, only one tuner/antenna at a time is used. But it seams that the software will use the tuner that have the best signal quality which to my experience works much better than the Diversity Mode. I could set antenna one to get a really good signal for one channel and 0% on the other tunner. But that second tuner delivers 100% quality to other channels. In that setup I have an antenna pointing to one direction to be optimized for some set of channels and the second antenna is pointing to an other direction to be optimized to another set of channels, EyeTV then will pick the best tuner for each channel. I've now managed to get 65 channels (53 free ones)

    Recording with EyeTV 3.
    - one feature missing with EyeTV 3 that I would like to see is the one of The Tube software: as you watch live tv, you could rewind from the beginning and get the software to record from that moment. Sometimes you don't know if a program is good until you watch it and would like to record and watch again later.
    - one hour recording is using 3.3GB of disk space
    - recording quality is as good as what you see live
    - scheduling future recording is just great with a good search feature

    The program guide is just cool, especially the overlayed one, it's clear and readable. But I would love to see the software updated with a menu that is a bit like Freeview boxes: program guide on one side, small preview of the channel on the other side and a description of the selected program underneath it.
    On the current overlayed program guide, you need to select the program which brings you to another screen where you can decide to view the description, record or watch it now. Would be cool to see the description as you navigate through programs.

    The iPhone app is great, you can even watch live TV via 3G (need good signal though). You can view the program guide and add recording schedules. Image is sharp! But the quality is fixed so you need a really good 3G signal unless you buy their Turbo encoder hardware.

    Subtitles are also very readable.

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    Good tuner and software

    • Written by from DRIFFIELD

    Connected to my Mac Mini and installed without any problems, good picture and sound quality. Only used the ariel on the house but any tuner with the small supplied ariels will struggle so I haven't bothered. I control the software from a mini bluetooth keyboard so can't comment on the remote eating batteries either.
    Records programs as advertised including switching on the Mac Mini from standby so no problmes there, slight juddering on certain parts of playback but I think that was due to the Mac Mini starting to do something else in the background. Recorded files can be copied to NAS drive and then played back through PS3 also which is a bonus.
    Have downloaded the iPhone app so now need to get that set up, currently won't connect through my router but I'm sure this is just a configuration issue. Then see how well it works with the Elgato Turbo H.264 HD, so I may well edit this post.

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    Happy Hector

    • Written by from Bratton Fleming

    I've been using this product for about a year and have found it does everything it says on the box.

    My only criticism is of the aerial cables.
    Proportionally they are too heavy, for nearly all my requirements they are also too short.

    Otherwise, it really is a fantastic product.

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