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    This channel is no longer available

    • Written by from South Shields

    The software provided looks great but the channel just disappears with the above message Elgatos advice is to restart...this happens in the middle of recording as well as whilst watching. No problems with signal as TV on the same amplifier does not drop out. Shame really as I was very impressed with the software. Email response from tech support was just to tell me to report it to tech support ?

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    • Written by from CAMBRIDGE

    Bought one of these yesterday from my local Apple Store. Thought I was paying more for a superior indoor reception, but turns out that even in the room in the loft with clear view of the sky, two aerials aren't picking up a single channel.

    Then swapped for an EyeTV DTT Deluxe, £20 cheaper and much smaller for the laptops especially the MacBook Air. used an extension lead to place the little antenna on the roof. Perfect reception. EyeTV itself is good and the software is state-of-the-art, but JUST DON'T BOTHER WITH THIS PARTICULAR MODEL please! It's £90 and I doubt it makes any noticeable difference to the £50 basic DTT which the only difference with the Deluxe version I swapped for is the size and use of the bigger standard socket.

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    good software... terrible antennae

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    the eye TV software is great and easy to use but the reception from the antennae is so frustrating. I am in a good Freeview area and instead of trying to move the antennae to different areas of the room, i find myself moving around and standing on one leg in order to get BBC. definitely recommend the software but your gonna have to invest in a better antenna.a frustrating purchase seeing as you already have to pay a lot for it but i can see the potential of it being worth it if i can make it work.

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