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    • Written by

    Absolutely fantastic - best purchase ever!
    Brought these speakers to dock our Ipod directly into them to use as our home music system! The sound quality is absolutely crystal clear and soooooo much volume and base if you want it, perfect for parties!
    Originally purchased the Companion 5 which are also excellent but we didn't realise that those can ONLY be connected through a PC to play music from the Ipod (the information and packaging for both are the same so very confused when we were told we should have gone for Companion 3 first, even this website doesn't state the difference!)
    Also, you need to buy a universal dock if you want to have it set up properly so the Ipod charges when not in use.
    Well worth every penny and you wont be disappointed!

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    Just too good

    • Written by from Warlingham

    I am sitting here listening to these Bose Companion V2 speakers after setting them up and listening for about an hour and the verdict so far is 'Blimey they're good!!' Infact they are too good perhaps, let me explain. The sound differs quite allot depending on how the tracks were down/uploaded. You can really hear the difference from 128kbps and 160kbps etc which can make some music sound a little off quality wise but all in all they are excellent desk top speakers for your PC or Mac. I was told that there was no separate volume for the sub which was worrying but was pleased to find a knob on the sub which turns the deep bass down or up so the bass is customisable. I was thinking of getting the Apple HiFi speaker but I wanted proper stereo separation so these Bose speakers are a perfect alternative plus they have a seperate input for any MP3 player and a headphones output if you wish to be Mr or Mrs Quiet. Oh and they re £29 cheaper than the Apple Hifi so save and buy some decent headphones.


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    • Written by from Glasgow

    Just completely superior to any other multimedia soundsystem I have heard. Sound quality is just perfect. They just fill the room with a warm, crystal clear sound. Fuctionality and control are good too, especially like the included control dock with one touch mute and jacks for input and headphones.

    They look fantastic and sit nicely beside my new black MacBook! You have to buy them!

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    • Written by from Woking

    these sound very, very good. i actually own the comanion 5, model up from these but i have heard these where i work part time which is a highstreet retailer - comet. they always sound amazing and you hear these from the other side of the store.
    but you will need to be carefull with the USB connection. I connected mine to my windows PC through usb and the sound kept cutting out, although in the store we have them connected to a mac and they never cut out. obviously its the horrid windows operating system.

    when compared to other systems, such as logitech and philips system, and even surround sounds which cost more they are just outstanding.

    excellent 2.1 home cinema, or just a set of computer speakers. the bass is also very good for playing shooting games.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing, but watch the size!

    • Written by from CANNOCK

    These speakers are AMAZING, but bear in mind the size of the subwoofer! In the picture the actual depth of the sub is quite misleading. If room is an issue it may be worth going to something else, but other than that, these babies are awesome!

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    Bose Companion 3 Series II used with iMac 2008

    • Written by from Hemel Hempstead

    I received these speakers on Wednesday and have been testing them with my iMac.
    First I should say the build quality is great, worthy of sitting next to any Apple product, the small satellite speakers go well with the aluminium of my iMac.
    The sound they give out is very good, I tried it set up in the small room where the computer is kept and you get a sound that immerses you and makes Rock and Indie music sound especially good.
    I then tried the Bose system downstairs in a larger room and streamed some music with Airtunes, it still sounded great, although slightly washed out at higher volumes.
    Generally I find it sounds a lot better at low volume, it automatically adjusts the base when turned up and because of this it wont distort.
    Low frequencies are very good, High frequencies are VERY good but Mid level frequencies (the ones that really punch) are lacking, I played some D&B and was very disappointed, House music still sounds OK be it at a lower volume.
    I expected Bose speakers to perform solidly, it can be said about build quality and design, but the sound lacks at volume and certain genres of music.
    I would highly recommend for computer use in a small/medium room.
    I score these speakers at 5* for computer use.
    4* for use in another room via Airtunes, they just don't perform at high volume levels in larger rooms.

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    As good as it gets..

    • Written by from Worksop

    Made a playlist on my iPod, took it to the Apple store today and tried out all the speakers in the store.
    These are excellent, wonderful bass, crisp treble and I suggest, regardless of your music tastes, compare using a Bach Cello piece, you may end up agreeing with me. This is not audiophile territory but for £199, as good as it can get with MP3 quality!

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    Simply Amazing

    • Written by from Emsworth

    These speakers had alot to live upto - I've just upgraded from the original tilt screen iMac with Harmon Kardon Pro Speakers and iSub - a perfectly matched combination of absolute quality.

    So with the realease of the new iMac there was only one choice and this is simply it. Simplistic solid design and all the sonic clarity you'd expect from a very high end reference speaker system.

    The "Puck" control is satisfactorily heavy enough to sit undisturbed from position during use with the "touch to mute" feature working perfectly. It also featres connectivity for headphones and an input - no need to scrable round the back of the sub to find an extra port..

    Clearly bose have done their homework on this system, the balance, depth and integrity of the output is second to none. The output is suprisingly loud - it's way beyond what you'd expect from a system this size.

    Several users have mentioned there being too much bass with this unit - I must conceed that bose have over compensated in this department - but it is easily attenuated to taste with a level control on the rear of the Sub unit.

    It just sounds great

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from WOLVERHAMPTON

    the best speakers i ever heard, i dont have any personally but my boyfriend does and they are AMAZING the sounds is brilliant. his best purchase ever!! and the little sound countrol is funky. loves it !

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    Excellent sound, excellent build quality

    • Written by from BIRMINGHAM

    I am an audio professional. I use superior speakers in a perfect acoustic environment pretty much every working day. I am used to and expect excellent sound reproduction from any speaker system I use.

    I set this system up at home the moment it arrived. I plugged in my ipod and listened to some top quality productions from the USA. I was blown away by the clarity, separation and bass response. Bose have a great reputation. I remember using Bose speakers in a top recording studio a decade ago and being very impressed then. I spent two weeks researching which speakers to buy for home and can safely say I absolutely made the right choice. You could pay 3 times as much to get the same sound quality. Great speakers, bargain price. 10/10

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    • Written by from NORTHWICH

    There is a constant 'hiss' emanating from these speakers!! Yes, if you turn the volume up, you can't hear it, but for me, that is no solution. I returned the package to my local Apple store, and together with staff, checked the display models, all of which suffered the same problem.
    Money back, I have replaced them with the Harman Kardon Sound Sticks, which perform perfectly and actually sound better than the Bose.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from DUBLIN 9

    Excellent quality gear. No doubt about it. Heard that Bose was over-priced and not up to spec for the money but no, no, no. You get what what you pay for and while this product is quite expensive it is entirely worth the money. I actually got a set of Logitec speakers for my 27" iMac for about €100 and brought them home but all they did was make the sound louder with no improvement in quality. So I brought them back and got these instead. Yes, I know at 3 times the price, but the sound, split up through the amp and send around the speakers and bass unit has absolute clarity and everything that Bose boast about. I can hear background noises in the movies that neither the built-in speakers nor the €100 set could ever even dream of picking up. A total WOW!! The build quality is excellent. They feel like they will last forever, and they're mine! Get them. Don't get anything else. They will fill a medium sized room with top quality sound. You won't be sorry.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from CHATTERIS

    ABSOLUTELY SENSATIONAL SPEAKERS !! I am so pleased I ignored the bad reviews and went a head and brought them. Worth every penny spent !!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Quite simply...Amazing!

    • Written by from Chingford

    I bought these with my 24" iMac after looking at a few other speaker systems, wasn't too sure about them or the companion 5 in the store while listening but that was only probably because of the poor positioning of the woofer plus the massive size of the room.
    I am so glad I bought these on instinct, as its the best investment for a 2.1 speaker system for a computer I have ever bought. The sound is so rich and warm it feels like your'e in a live gig! the sound placement from these speakers is immaculate, you have the music surround you and then the voacls right in front of you! I have witnessed instruments I never heard in songs before using other speakers and headphones. I have a Sony 5.1 home theatre system worth double the money but these Bose speakers leave them biting dust with a far superior quality.
    It would be an understatement to say that in the sub £200 price bracket you are not likely to get a better set of 2.1 speakers or even for a lot more money for that matter!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Colinton

    I have recently purchased this product and am blown away (almost literally) by the sound reproduced it is so pure. One note of caution- go easy on the bass, it bites!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Stunningly good set of speakers...

    • Written by from GULLANE

    Bought these and fixed them up to my Samsung 40 inch LED Series 6 TV today. So far the Six Nations rugby matches have sounded fantastic, and music channels really set these speakers apart from the cheaper alternatives. Bass level is fully controllable from the back of the Amplifier, and plugging this into the 3.5mm headphone port on the TV allows me to use a Sky remote or the Samsung remote to control the volume, as well as the control dial that comes with the speakers. The sound output from such tiny speakers is fantastic. Cannot fault these speakers! If you're using them for a computer, buy the Companion 5s because the surround sound effect is noticeable when up close to the speakers, however for TV viewing the 3s are best.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Just too much base...

    • Written by from MANCHESTER

    I had been coveting a set of Bose speakers since I spotted the Companion 3 V1s in my local apple store about a year ago.
    when the v2's came out looking so much better, less plasticy and with the same price tag I had to have them.
    they look and sound amazing, a perfect addition to any set up
    It's amazing how much better the sound from these speakers is versus my old set (a cheap unbranded set)
    I was hearing notes and backing tracks that I had never noticed before on songs I've heard a million times.
    the only problem I am having is with the base, even with the base adjust knob turned all the way down it's very thumpy, not great if you want to listen to something quietly.
    but the touch sensitive controls are a nice touch

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Superb Speakers

    • Written by from hayes

    These are superb speakers, sound is fantastic. And I am a little fussy about good sounding HiFi. Of course these are not a HiFi replacement. But they are the best Mac/multimedia speakers around. Can't hear any hiss as others have mentioned. But can hear very slight white noise. but only if you put your ear right up against it. So no problem at all. Buy these.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great while they play

    • Written by from Redhill

    These speakers are everything you would expect from Bose..... ....apart from when they are powered on and no music is playing. They create an awful hissing noise but this instantly disappears as soon as itunes etc starts playing... ...even on the lowest settings.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Exelent Hi-Fi Speakers with small compromise.

    • Written by from Oulu

    These speakers are very good-looking and easy to use. Subwoofer works very well and it gives more than enough power! I never use it full. Also higher frequencies in satelite speakers are good. Only problem in sound is that center area frequencies are kind of low. Other problem in companion 3 is that you can't turn volume fully off from volume control. Also speakers gives small noise when sound is off. So if you exept these small problems, then these speakers are worth to buy. And lets hope that Bose's engineers fixes those problems to future models.

    + Very good-looking
    + Compact size
    + Sound quality
    + Volume Control

    - Background noise when no sound coming
    - Can't turn volume totally away. Fortunately there is mute button.

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