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    Other reviews are inaccurate.

    • Written by from GUILDFORD

    If you're one of the skeptical people wondering whether the new smart cover is actually any good, rest assured! Many of the other reviews severely underrate the Smart Cover saying that it won't hold properly on their screen or the magnets are too weak. Some even say that the 3 fold design is worse but in terms of stability, the old design has the same stability as this new one.

    I was the owner of the original iPad 2 Smart Cover and this new version is far superior in every way. The hinge is made from polyurethane now meaning that it won't scratch the aluminium back, the magnets are much stronger and the material is softer.

    Is it worth the money? Yes - because it works beautifully and the build quality is superb. Others may argue that the cover does not feel worth the price but I disagree; as there are third party cases which look good but functionally aren't as good as the Smart Cover.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Ignore other reviews

    • Written by from Bingham

    I have had this red ipad air cover for around 5 days and it's great, strong magnets, no tear yet. The other reviews are nothing to go by, trust me this is a great cover and finishes of the ipad perfectly.

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