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    Faults should have been weeded out at prototype stage

    • Written by from PERTH

    I've upgraded from iPad 2 to iPad Air. I was v. happy with design and function of Smart Cover for iPad 2 ... and I just don't get why Apple could get the iPad Air version so wrong. I've tried to adapt my folding technique with the cover, thinking it just must be me not using the product right, but having seen the other reviews here, I realise the fault lies with the cover design. The apparent lack of prototyping the iPad Air Smart Cover for user experience doesn't mesh with
    a company that puts so much thought into fantastic hardware design and into the user interface. Although the magnetic properties of the design allow you to form a kind of hollow 'toblerone bar' for horizontal or vertical support, the cover annoyingly and frustratingly just seems to flop about or flatten out with only a little pressure or movement by the user. This is due to the floppiness of the strip between the panelled section and the magnetic strip, plus the fact that the new 3-panel design is inherently weaker (cheaper?) than the preceding 4-panel cover. Poor design ... should be consigned to Room 101 to sit in company with Apple's irritating earbuds that over the years have been bundled with iPhones and iPods. I will stay faithful to the Apple Brand (20 years and counting) but am frustrated by irksome design faults in core accessories

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Lytham St Anne's

    I have to agree with the rest of the reviews, the 3 part folding is far less sturdy than the old 4 part. I too have had a few near misses where it has collapsed and had to rescue my iPad Air from a sticky end! It isn't cheap either, I really expect better from Apple.

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    Not very stable

    • Written by from Leeds

    Good for keeping the screen protected but in film mode I have had it collapse flat and more worryingly when I tried to increase the volume using the buttons on the edge, the magnets detached leaving the cover on the kitchen work top and the iPad heading floor ward, luckily I deflected the iPad with my foot and it went skidding across the floor! No damage done ! But I certainly have lost trust in the cover !

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