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    Only 3 panel and no leather option

    • Written by from Hong Kong

    I'm not one for wrapping iPad or iPhones in cotton wool covers, cases and screen protectors, and prefer to have the natural bare machine when possible. I certainly don't want to add the bulk of a cover and hide the gorgeous back side of the iPad, and a few scratches won't upset me. I opt for the cover to use the auto off function and more importantly to use as a stand.

    I previously owned an iPad 3 with a black leather cover for 18 months. That cover got beaten up over time, but in my opinion looked better with age and the 4 panel design seemed to be more sturdy when folded. Now the iPad air, whilst a beautiful and very light machine, does not have a leather cover, and the new plastic 3 panel design seems a bit flimsy. also because it does not overlap when folded into triangular support, it very easily opens up, i.e. un magnetises itself and opens up. Also it looks...well... like plastic... Bring out a new leather cover please. I realise the case is leather, but come on, who wants to hide the back and add all that bulk? On the plus side the plastic cover is lighter than the old leather one...

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