• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Gives it the million-dollar look and feel

    • Written by from STONEHOUSE

    I used to make a case for not covering up my iPad at all; why spend so much on a thing of beauty only to cover it up? (I still rejoice in my iPhone's naked form). But then I reasoned that Apple had got the Air down to such a sylph-like form, it could take a case without sacrificing too much of its lightness and compactness. It was the right decision. This case gives the iPad Air the million-dollar look and feel. Wow, it's a real head-turner and it just feels gorgeous. It adds further glamour to a thing that is already a beautiful. It is also breathtaking in its precision and the way it grips the device. How they achieve this precision with a material like leather is a mystery to me, but we are talking about a piece of Apple design here. It IS quite difficult to take off, but then you never want to take it off (if you do, you prize off two corners; it just takes a little practice and causes no wear or tear whatsoever). The only aspect that falls a few percentage points below total perfection is the segment of folding cover nearest the spine, which doesn't quite lie down flush, but it's hardly noticeable. It's the trade-off for having the leather finish continued right through the product. They could have put in an aluminium hinge, but that would have detracted from the luxury feel. I can't understand why this case has attracted some negative reviews. I think it's fantastic; expensive, yes - you get what you pay for. Oh, and btw, read "Brown" with a very large dose of salt. The colour is a very bright tan; ginger might be a more accurate description. I imagine the other colours will look just as stunning.

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    Expensive but worth it

    • Written by from Billericay

    Bought this case after having a cheaper, but not bad, case for my iPad2 and always wished I had purchased the apple case. Looked at these reviews afterwards as I was having the same trouble with the case not standing up. Then I looked at the pictures and realised I was doing it wrong. When used correctly the case holds the iPad securely in both positions. Feels good to the touch and is a quality product. Typed this review while the iPad was in the upright position without any problems. Worth the extra money.

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    Good Case but a little expensive

    • Written by from Clevedon

    I have tried to buy cheaper cases from online sites but have found most of them do not fit well.
    So I went for the apple case although it is a bit more expensive it fits well and I don't get any problems with it falling over. At the end of the day if your spending over £500 on an ipad its worth getting the correct case for it. It looks good and does the job its intended for.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Telford

    I purchased the case with some doubt as some of the reviews are tough. The case is excellent it has the cut outs perfectly lined up and has a precision feel to it and very soft and smooth. Yes its pricey but thats the price for quality and yes you can find cheaper alternatives but I honestly say for the money it can't be beat. You would easily pay £80-£100 for a similar quality alternative leather case. Also glad it doesn't add much bulk at all.

    Only real gripe is that it could be a bit more solid in the stand position.

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    Truly excellent

    • Written by from AMMANFORD

    I agree with others. An excellent, almost perfect, case but very expensive. BTW mine is red - not sure why Apple think I bought a brown case.

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    Expensive, Yet Perfect

    • Written by from Reading

    I very rarely use cases for my devices but due to the need to use my iPad Air more frequently outside my home I felt it was necessary.

    I wasn't totally convinced about dropping £65 on a case but am totally happy with my purchase and feel it was money well spent.

    The iPad Air fits beautifully into the case and feels perfect. Because the case pretty much sits flush with the iPad's screen it does not get in the way at all, it's classic Apple and oozes quality. The inside is amazingly soft and you know it will protect your device.

    Yes it does add extra weight to the iPad but it's not hugely noticeable and no matter which case you choose it's an inevitable disadvantage.

    £65 is not cheap but it really is the perfect companion to the iPad Air. Great quality, great protection and gives me peace of mind from scratches.

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