• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Won't Last Long

    • Written by from Amersham

    This is a really nice case for protecting the iphone with a nice lip to protect the screen should it be placed face down. Unfortunately the leather has not lasted more than a couple of weeks with heavy wear on all edges of the case. When considering the price don't buy this the new sharp look just it won't last!

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    worst case ever

    • Written by from croydon

    I bought the Brown leather case for my iPhone 5.
    It looks good out of the box but it has an awaful texture. It feels as if its made of cardboard. It does not have the luxurious leather feel I expected for the price I paid.
    This Case is a dirt magnet!
    Its been in use for only 2 weeks and already started to scuff on the edges and has black scuff marks which is hard to remove.
    The embossed Apple logo ( the deal breaker on buying from Apple in the first place) has already started to fade.
    All the above is making my phone look tatty and not the premium look I wanted to give it.
    Definitely not worth the money there are better and cheaper cases sold elsewhere.
    Buy this only if you wear gloves when using the phone and wrap it in bubble wrap when carrying it in your pocket or bag.

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    Don`t waste your money

    • Written by from Soham

    Brought this case for my new iphone 5S looked really nice for a few days.
    BUT after a week it looked about 5 years old!
    even with clean hands this case will age very quick.
    I now have a very expensive smart iphone with a case that makes it look really old and rubbish!
    Not happy

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Very grubby after a short time

    • Written by from Bolton

    This case looked nice when it left the box, but after 2 1/2 weeks of use it looked approx 2 years old.........i.e. it looks really dirty and cleaning doesn't improve things.

    For £35 i'm very disappointed. I would avoid buying any of the coloured cases, the black might be ok as the dirty look might not be as noticeable. Very poor - waste of £35 - taking back to see if I can get a swap.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from London

    I bought this case along with the phone and it looked nice however it has a design flaw whereby the headphones jack does not fit through this case - it has to be help in place for the earphones to work. I tried with both bose and the apple ear pods with the same result - the slot is not big enough for the jack to go through completely.

    I had to return this case, spigen neo hybrid is highly recommended.

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    Looks good protection terrible

    • Written by from Ramsbottom, Bury

    Compliments the phone great and looks really nice. HOWEVER the phone dropped out my pocket on the back of the case and the screen is cracked

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Ill conceived design

    • Written by from Falkirk

    Don't bother if you're hoping to use a dock - the case doesn't allow anything other than the supplies lightning cable to get anywhere near its privates! So if you have an expensive dock
    and don't want the harassment of having to take the phone in and out the case every evening them ignore this product - high time the big brains at Apple realise we want a case that allows the use of third party docks.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Gets ruined in just a few weeks

    • Written by from SHEFFIELD

    Leather is a great and premium material, but why did apply not make this one more protected? It marks badly really easily and then looks an utter mess.

    Mine looks ruined.

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