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    Looks great but terrible quality

    • Written by from CRAIGAVON

    As a lifelong fan of Apple's products I was massively disappointed with this case. When I seen that Apple had designed a case specifically for the amazing iPhone 5c I figured I couldn't go wrong with it. But sadly the quality isn't what you expect from an Apple product. Firstly the case attracts dirt so easily that at least once a day you'll be cleaning the dirt of the phone. Secondly after having my case on my phone for about two or three months almost all of the outer layer of the case has been ripped or worn away and I can honestly say that this is not down to excessive wear and tear on my part. Such a shame as the case itself looks fantastic against the color of the iPhone 5c itself but sadly the case itself is of incredibly poor quality to carry the Apple logo.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Form over function

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    A really lovely looking case, it feels nice in your hand and does a good job of protecting the phone, however....there are BIG drawbacks.

    My phone constantly looks grubby and dusty! After putting my phone in the back pocket of my jeans (which I very often do), it comes out with a film of fluff all over the case, which is a real pain to get off. Add to that the holes on the back, and you've got yourself one sorry looking phone, which constantly need wiping. Very annoying.

    Apple products always look so nice, but this is the first product I've ever been really disappointed in. £25 definitely not well spent.

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