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    It's fine, on iOS 7

    • Written by from Abergavenny

    I was very pleased to see the return of this old favourite (the line-out feature is great) and it's been sorely missed since I picked up an iPhone 5 over a year ago.

    So, this works with the 5 and the 5S, but not the 5C (which is too wide for the slot). Noted is the design flaw that doesn't allow you to use touch ID… own goal there Apple!

    To clear up other questions too - yes, you need your own USB-Lightining cable; no,it won't work with a case (the slot is tailored for a "naked" iPhone).

    The final piece of the jigsaw is the software… would you believe the line-out function of this dock does *not* work with iOS 6. I repeat, if you want to use line-out, you *must* upgrade to iOS 7 first. I know this won't be a problem for most people, but it's worth bearing in mind. A trip to the AppleStore to return a "non-functioning" dock highlighted that little nugget of insider information for us (the Genius didn't know either - it was only through trial & error we worked it out)!

    But it's fine. It works as described.

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