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    Died after 3 months

    • Written by from Chafford Hundred

    Worked okay for the first few weeks then I found myself losing the drives whilst working. This was rectified by reseating the cable but was frustrating,

    I had a fairly stable period of about a month until finally it just stopped working completely. At the end of the day it's just a lead but it is still annoying.

    I'll have to get it replaced and see if the second one fairs any better.

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    Works OK, yet no 3 metre version?

    • Written by from Hove

    Had several Thunderbolt cables. The Apple ones all work as expected, however the gauge is a bit thicker than other manufacturers for some reason, so a star off for that.

    (e.g. I especially like the StarTech cables, specifically as they do a 3 metre one, but also as they're all a little bit thinner than the Apple ones, so can be wound-up really easily, and being black don't show the dirt and scuff marks.)

    Also, Apple for some reason do not offer a 3 metre version? Ever since the release of their first Thunderbolt device 2 years ago they have weirdly never bothered to release one, which means I'm often forced into buying a third-party one (as mentioned above) in order to put the peripheral device at the desired distance away from the host computer.

    And a star knocked-off for the price. Yes, I know they have controllers in them, but mass consumption should have lowered them further by now, I feel.

    Lol, just awaiting these longer optical-only Thunderbolt cables, many would like to use (provided cost comes down a lot more!), as our peripherals are self powered so can already use them. Well, one can dream! ;-)

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