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    Works with canon 5d mk1 too

    • Written by from Helsinki

    Doesn't work plug and play but a little tweak in the camera settings and the cable does what it's supposed to.
    Go to the settings in your 5d. Go to the settling that says PC-connection and change that to Print/PTP. Plug in your camera to your iPad, go to the photos app and the press the print button in the back of your 5d. Photos on your camera will now show up in your iPad and you can download them.

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    • Written by from PORT TALBOT

    I got it working by using different USB lead
    I have spent two days trying out the Apollo 13, method of connectivity!!! plug one end in first then plug into the camera and connect the two together!! nothing, I HAVE SPENT TWO HOURS ON THE PHONE TO THE APPLE SHOP, APPLE CARE, to no avail. Then a brainwave hit me THUD It is not necessarily the camera is taking too much power, or there is a incompatibility problem, I remembered back to the dark old days when I bought the iPad (Last November 2012) I had a problem after a couple of weeks, with the lead I was using, though the cats had tried to strip it, but no, so changed the USB lead over with another one and hey presto it worked. Lightbulb above the head moment, so I have just tried a different lead and I have picture transfer from my Canon 50D to mini.


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    Not for Nikon Coolpix

    • Written by from Wettenhall

    The ipad can't power photo transfer from this camera. I wish apple would highlight this issue before expensive adapters are purchased and then returned!

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    Slick operation with some cameras

    • Written by from Glasgow

    Using this cable to connect an iPad 4 to a camera you will also need the USB cable that connects your camera to your PC's USB A socket. It would have been nice if this cable was longer and ended in a USB mini B plug so that it could have connected to most cameras directly.

    I connected a 64GB iPad 4 to a Canon 5D mk3 and it worked straight away downloading the RAW files (approx 25MB each) quickly to the import album in the photos app. The app then offered to delete or leave the photos in the camera.

    The app allowed viewing and zooming of the RAW files which look really great on the retina screen.

    Once home I connected the iPad to my Windows 7 PC and it then showed up as a device in My Computer. Opening the My iPad icon I browsed the photos folders then dragged and dropped the RAW files onto my computer hard disk. They came over unaltered or compressed by their passage through the iPad. Also I did not have to use iTunes to transfer the photos!!!

    So far so good but it failed to recognise my GoPro HD video camera.

    As others have said this cable does not add a USB socket to an iPad for general file transfer. If it works with your camera...great. If not this is probably one of the most expensive cables with limited functionality it is possible to buy. For £1 less I have just bought a 15m HDMI cable for an HD TV which is highly functional, transmitting both HD video and audio!

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    Useful, if limited

    • Written by from Nottingham

    A useful, if limited little cable; on my iPad Mini have only been able to make it work with cameras - no other USB devices. Anything powered by the USB port prompts a 'The connected USB device requires too much power' message; anything self powered (tried with multiple thumb drives, self powered USB HDDs etc) triggers no reaction at all. Other USB devices tried (mouse, keyboard!) prompt a 'The connected USB device is not supported'.
    The good news is that it works fast and flawlessly with cameras - tested with Canon 50D and IXUS 100IS - brings up a separate 'Camera' group in photo album and allows the import of selected or all photos on the camera - RAW, JPEG and MOV formats and then post transfer asks if you 'want to delete the imported files from the attached camera'. Does not allow file export from iPad back to camera, and does not make available anything that the camera does not recognise as a file (ie MP4 files not shown - so can't import movies that way).
    So, does what it says on the tin - connects your Camera to your iPad and will be useful to allow download and/or big screen viewing of photos when in the field - but currently that's it.

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