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    • Written by from bedford

    These cables are of very poor quality and the design of these needs to be addressed. We should not have to pay SIXTYFIVE POUNDS to replace a 1 year old cable!!!

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    Just Terrible!

    • Written by from Newhaw

    I love everything Apple but this is just an awful design, the original Magsafe use to keep firmly in place unless it was yanked in which case it would pull away from the laptop. This charger just becomes unplugged all the time with the slightest of movement... It truly is disgraceful

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    Substandard product

    • Written by from Newark

    The design and function of this product is good. However apple have chosen to use poor quality materials for the thin cable between the power unit and laptop. Basically this cable material is too soft and breaks at the point it connects to the power block. This has broken on two occasions even after taking great care. It took about 1 year for this to happen on both occasions.

    This is also an old problem which indicates that apple really does not care.

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    • Written by from Teddington

    I NEVER WRITE REVIEWS BUT IM ON CHARGER YEAR 5 of having my macbookpro.

    I might as well have bought a new laptop with the price

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    Broken within 18 months

    • Written by from Bristol

    I've had to purchase a new power adapter because the original cable broke and it stopped charging the computer. My MacBook is only 18 months old and I'm quite careful with the power cable when I pack up the computer. For a computer that is so expensive it's outrageous that the durability of the power cable is so awful. I'm super annoyed that I've had to shell out another £65 for a new one.

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    Terrible Quality

    • Written by from stoke on trent

    I have never written a review before but this really annoyed me, my computer is 1 year and 1 week old so apple told me it was out of warranty, but even if it had been under warranty the lead is not covered. i have looked after this product properly only storing it correctly, putting the least strain on the lead, and after a year the cable collapsed and won't charge my computer, which i need everyday. so now i have to go and purchase a new one for £65. the lead is a great design but terrible quality.

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    Another Poor Show

    • Written by from Montelparo (FM)

    I'm also just gone through my second cable in less than a year - what other options do we have? None!

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    Not robust

    • Written by from Pewsey

    The power adaptor looks good and the magnetic connection is a great idea as it prevents the laptop being pulled off a desk or surface. However, the unit itself is of poor build quality and easily breaks - usually through the wire splitting as it comes out of the adaptor. When this happens the unit has to be replaced. For £65 I expect a much better build quality.

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    a load of rubbish

    • Written by from london

    2nd cable now doesn't charge ,we have to keep twisting it or holding it up to get it to work ,

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    Poor show from Apple

    • Written by from London

    I completely concur with the previous Gentleman's comments; we have a MacBook Pro and a Mac Book air and have gone through two cables in less than two years. I have an old Dell laptop which has been carried all around the world and the cable is still going strong 4 years on - Apple it is a very poor show. At £65 a cable it is pure day light robbery!

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    Worse Apple Product EVER

    • Written by from Bristol

    Why did Apple change the power adapter?! We have 2 MacBook Airs and 1 MacBook Pro and wanted a spare adapter. Not only have they changed the design so its doesn't fit our old computers (the "experts at the Apple Store never pointed this out) but apparently (reading the reviews) it doesn't work as well as before either. Come on Apple you could do better than that!

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