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    Disappointed with quality

    • Written by from Hook

    I really like the look of the bumper but having had two of them over the last 18months they break really easily. I don't take the bumper on and off and look after my phone carefully but the rubber on the bumper has broken twice! Considering the bumpers aren't cheap I would expect a bumper to last longer than 9 months!! Are the bumpers covered by warrenty?

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Bad case

    • Written by from Marlow

    The case does not fit my iPhone 4s properly and holds down the lock button on the top of the phone. This constantly takes you to the "Power off" screen (literally every few seconds). It's very annoying and I took it off after a day. Usually Apple products are great and I have no complaints - but this case was poor.

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    Really Disappointed

    • Written by from Bishop Auckland

    I’m a strong supporter of Apple and have a full range of your Apple products for which I always buy Apple branded accessories. I decided to purchase this bumper for my iPhone 4 in September rather than a cheaper cover because I thought I would be getting the best quality. Along with delivery it cost £30.80 and although this isn’t cheap especially considering I am student, I was willing to pay it because I believed it would last me the length of my phone contract if not longer. Only about 5 months later in February, the bumper had ripped on the rubber at the top next to the earphone slot. The only thing that could have caused this was taking the bumper off the iPhone which I only did a handful of times since its purchase.

    I’m really disappointed that this has happened as it meant my iPhone was unprotected and so I had to buy another cover. I do still strongly support Apple products but this has discouraged me from continuing to buy Apple accessories rather than far cheaper ones available online as Apple products don’t actually last any longer. I wanted to send mine back to Apple just so they could look into improving their accessories but unfortunately couldn’t find an address.

    **My advice is don’t buy this product or any similar to it as they break REALLY easily.**

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    Faulty product

    • Written by from IPSWICH

    I too have had problems with the phone constantly presenting the closedown screen. I have replaced the 'Red' bumper once already and the same thing happens. I own a 4S and have had a couple of black bumpers in the past, all have worked perfectly well (they just split because I am constantly taking them off to use other devices, simple wear and tear).

    It appears that the Red one is either made from different materials or is a slightly different size. The on/of button activates of its own accord and also, if I press on the top part of the bumper, not the button itself, the same happens.

    Sorry Apple, sold as I am on your products, in my opinion this one is quite simply not up to standard.

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    Apple iPhone 4 Bumper - (PRODUCT) RED - does not fit iPhone 4 correctly

    • Written by from Brisbane

    I recently purchased one of the Apple iPhone 4 - (PRODUCT) RED Bumpers .. After i took it home and put it on my iPhone 4 the phone kept wanting to fully shut down as it does when you hold down the power switch..

    So i hit cancel and then lift the bumper off switch as it was pressing down constantly .. Was very confused as this bumper was supposed to fit iPhone 4 & 4S , so i called the Apple store where i purchased it from and they said to bring it back in and they would look at it .. When they did they used another RED bumper from their own stock and same thing happened again phone would power off by self.. Volume keys are fine only power button has the issue.

    The Apple sales guy used same bumper on a 4S in store and case worked perfectly as you would expect... After looking at the various power buttons on iPhone 4 , 4S & even 5 they are all slightly different heights and the iPhone 4 is higher then rest which causes the case to constantly be powering off phone due to pressure ..

    He spoke to one of the GENIUS bar guys and they didn't think power buttons were any different at all .. i went home after a refund which was all good anyway and compared to my Wife's iPhone 4 and that also has same height power button ...

    Not sure if all Apple bumpers are same or if (PRODUCT) RED bumper being newer was made differently but they certainly do not work well with a iPhone 4

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