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    Plug Adapters not suitable for China

    • Written by from WORCESTER

    The Chinese plug adaptor does not fit standard mains sockets in China, the Australian one would, but the shrouding on the pins prevents it from being fully plugged in. It would also be good if Apple sold the plug adaptors separately.

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    Missing a vital component

    • Written by from Edinburgh

    Although the kit has plenty of bits, it's not necessarily the same as plenty of value. Some of the bits are redundant (you'll already own at least one of them) or superfluous (a separate adaptor just for Korea?). You may find it more appropriate to buy non-Apple adapters that you specifically need.

    More vitally for me, it's missing the last remaining adapter that it needs to truly be a 'world' kit, that is, an 'empower' adapter for use on international flights. Come to that, why not include a 12v adaptor for use in cars?

    Come on Apple, throw in the 'empower' adapter and make this kit truly global!

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