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    18 months old, "service battery", holds charge for 10 mins

    • Written by from Sundbyberg

    Title says it all. MacBook does tell us to "service battery" in the battery monitor.

    Battery shows hours of charge, but machine will suddenly die (no proper shutdown etc) after about 10 minutes on battery. Pushing the battery indicator after it dies indicates just one blinking led. When charged it displays full battery, and 3,5 hours of battery life. Battery has about 200 cycles I believe.

    Given how expensive these batteries are, having it completely die on us just 18 months in is a big disappointment. Of course outside Apple battery warranty, even though it clearly is a defect since it went from really fine to completely dead in one step :(

    We've had to put in the original battery from 2008 again, which still holds about one hour of charge.

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