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    Allmost never used the battery in my MacBook, I ALLWAYS use power plug.
    So I was most surprised when I could not use the touchpads click function, because the battery was swollen. I have now tried to use my MacBook a while without battery, but I have twice had the magnetic power cord "falling out". And without a battery inside the computer stops. So now I have to either glue the magnetic power cord to my MacBook (i think not) or I have to buy a new expensive one!!, or I have to be very carefully not to accidental unplug the MacBook.

    By the way, the battery works fine for my use of it, but it no longer fits the space in my macbook.

    But I guess other brand would suffer the same swollowing

    I don't think I dare to buy an electric car if they use same Li-ion Polymer technology!

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    13" macbook (white) battery swells while computer is in use

    • Written by from London

    I use my macbook for two months a year while at my holiday home. I've had it for four years so usage amounts to about 8 months. So far it has needed two casing replacements (design fault) and needs a third; it has needed a new logic board (design fault) and now the battery has swollen out of its housing. And Apple have told me I have to pay £101 for that because it's "normal". So beware everyone: it's "normal" for Apple laptop batteries to swell up while in operation.

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