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    No problems

    • Written by from Peterbourgh

    Works brilliantly. I don't understand the problems with digital since DVI stands for Digital Visual Interface...

    If the cable is loose then there can be some interference so just make sure the connections are tight then there are no problems. I use a Samsung 1080p monitor and have had absolutely no problems.

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    • Written by from Leamington Spa

    The Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adaptor worked very well with an Epson projector. No issues whatsoever, just plugged it in and connected the Scart; presented a project with no problems.

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    Make sure its screwed in tight

    • Written by from Slough

    I bought this to connect my Mac Mini to an eternal LG 27inch IPS monitor.

    It caused no end of flickering and screen blackouts and fuzzy grey screens.

    My solution was to make sure the DVI plug was screwed SUPER TIGHT into the adaptor and I mean super tight...tighter than I've ever screwed a DVI plug into any socket ever before....

    This solved all my problems.

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    It's working

    • Written by from NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE

    It works great between Macbook Pro and DELL ultrasharp 2408WFP.

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    Yes, it's DVI-D

    • Written by from Crawley

    If anyone looks at the enlarged photos of this item they will see it has a horizontal pin C5 and a full set of pins 1-24. This means it is DVI-D, not DVI-I which has pins C1-C4 as well or DVI-A with C1-C4 and many other pins missing.
    If you do not check the connection before buying then that is not really Apple's fault. This is a very nicely made adapter and does the job well. The connection should be tight as there are some very dodgy DVI-D cables out there with poor screws on them.
    If you don't know what you have, then stick to VGA maybe.

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    • Written by from London

    As some people have pointed out, the DVI signal out from a Mac is Digital.

    Apple seem to have missed out that vital detail in their description.

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    Worked perfectly

    • Written by from Pattingham

    I read the reviews and was a bit cautious about buying this adapter, but after checking my cables and monitor to make sure they were all DVI-D I took the plunge and it paid off brilliantly.

    The adaptor works perfectly with my MBP and my Phillips 244E monitor!

    As some one else mentions in their review, make sure you're kit is using DVI-D (not any of the other variations), this can be done by checking your ports and cable and comparing it to the image of the adaptor.

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    • Written by from Stoke Poges

    I connect this between my MacBook Pro and a dvi to dvi lead which connects to my 20'' widescreen Samsung HDTV. No problems at all!

    It seems that if you use this to connect to the iMax cinema screen it won't work, but then it doesn't connect to my dishwasher either...

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    do your homework first

    • Written by from ROCHESTER

    ok, don't dispair. check and check again the pin arrangement and cables you already have. Take a photo, draw a picture. If you have already bought, you might as well hang on to it. You will need it eventually. It has worked fine with my MacBook Pro a Sanyo XP55L projector and a plain vanilla HP 1740 LCD. Will it work with my old Apple 30' displays? Well no, that's another story. Come on Apple I want a 30" LED screen that will work with my G5s. I want it now.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Does what it says on the tin!

    • Written by from Sligo

    Works perfectly with my Macbook Aluminum and Apple 20" Cinema Screen, excellent picture quality and no problems with connection or waking from sleep mode.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Trouble Free Connection

    • Written by from Thirsk

    I used this adapter to connect my new 13" Macbook Pro to both an LG 22'' Monitor (DVI cable with male ends) and to a Philips 37" HD LCD Flat Screen TV (Same DVI cable but with a DVI/HDMI adapter for the connection to the TV). Word of warning if you want sound through the TV, you will need to run a separate cable (3.5mm jack to phono). I posted this because I had difficulty deciding which cable I needed.

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    It DOES fit! DVI-D only though!

    • Written by from Hertford

    For the benefit of people saying this doesn't fit... It's a DVI-D cable only!
    DVI-D is the digital only version meaning the pins around the flat style one aren't there. If your cable has these on it then it is a DVI-I cable used for sending RGB analogue signals... in which case just buy the mini display port to VGA!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great product!

    • Written by from Chudleigh Knighton

    Excellent, link my Unibody MacBook to my Dell 24" TFT at 1920*1200 and its perfect! No problems and I have been using it everyday (unplugging most days to move around) for about 3 months and currently still working without flaw.

    Sturdy connection, well built and durable. Only problem, should have been included with my MacBook.

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