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    13 inch Macbook battery dead after 9 months

    • Written by from Kings Hilll

    I am not very impressed with the longeivity of the latest generation of Macbook batteries. My laptop purchased 9 months ago cannot hold any charge having declined in capacity sharply over the preceding month. £99 to spend every 9 months just to have mediocre battery capacity really is very poor performance. Hope this is just a bad batch, but we are hostages to Apples battery provision if we want our laptops to remain mobile.

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    Apple Please sort this out!

    • Written by from hitchin

    It seems looking at these reviews that we are all suffering the same fate and £100 every nine months to maintain an expensive laptop is really out of order! please can you do something about it!

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    agree with all of the above

    • Written by from London

    Just woke up to find a strange symbol where my battery "life" indicator was - apparently there is now no battery available. I bought my macbook in February and it is now May. There is clearly a problem here which Apple needs to address.

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    Really not impressed

    • Written by from reading

    I am so fed up of this problem. I am now about to get my 3rd battery (black 13inch mac not sure if relevant).
    As I am now out of apple care I am going to have to fork out £100 for a useless product that I know will die well before supposed lesser quality notebooks.
    This is beyond a joke.
    As for other reviews that say the problems are from misuse or not properly looking after the battery. I have followed apple's advice to a T and still am faced with the same problem.
    The battery works fine, shows no signs of giving up, I run the battery flat one day, go to charge and nothing!!!
    This is so frustrating. If I had wanted a computer that had to stay plugged in, I would have bought a desk top.
    Apple you MUST fix this problem before charging extortionate prices for your batteries.

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    Apple's attention is only for new products

    • Written by from Northampton

    Appaling battery life for an expensive laptop. Given the widespread discontent on this issue Apple should pay more attention to this design fault.

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    Macbook Battery

    • Written by from Islington

    My battery has lasted 18 months. Now I have to pay £99.00 to replace it. I have read the other bad reviews concerning the poor performance of these Macbook batteries and I hope Apple have read them too. I feel ripped off as it seems there has been issues with Macbook batteries for some time .

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    Disappointed with battery

    • Written by from Bexhill on Sea

    I purchased 2 macbooks less than 11 months ago, and both batteries are dead with 24 hours of each other. I'm a little reluctant to have to spend £200 annually on replacements. Obviously batteries deteriorate but I did expect them to make 18-24 months with some slow down, instead of 10 months completely dead!

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    Battery Life

    • Written by from Lutterworth

    I've had my Macbook now for 18 months and now have to replace the battery for the 2nd time. For a laptop that is so good, the batteries are a real let down. Come on Apple sort it out!

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    unexpectedly short life

    • Written by from Apperley

    It's been 9 months and my first battery has given up the ghost. This compares very unfavorably with my HP laptop running both XP and Ubuntu - the first battery is still going strong after 3 years with similar usage.

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    So bad service

    • Written by from KARLSLUNDE

    I have experienced the same problems as mentioned above. My battery died after living 14 months. That's just not good enough. I have had several laptops, and I have never experienced a broken battery. Not once. I think, it is weak of Apple not to admit, that this is a general problem. In my oppinion Apple should work hard to solve it and in the meantime provide free batterys for customers with the problem. I have to pay over 100 euros for a new battery. I love my mac. But I'm dissapointed.

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    not good enough...

    • Written by from Corsham

    cripes... i was going to moan about the fact my macbook battery had died after 18 months, until i read some of the reviews that had theirs die after 9 months. my mate's macbook battery lasted two months too - this is very poor coming from apple. i love my macbook but this is crazy.

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    Poor Battery

    • Written by from Manchester

    Initially, the battery life was great, 5 hours long every charge. Unfortunately, despite being well within the recharge lifetime of the battey, it stopped charging and I now have to either keep it plugged in (hoping I don't accidentally pull the plug out, which happens a LOT due to magsafe), or fork out £70-90 for a new one. Quite frankly, this is poor.

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    Apple MacBook Battery dreadful

    • Written by from London

    Black Apple MacBook bought in June 2006 and mainly used for email and internet surfing only. Very light use and now onto my third battery. In view of all the complaints here its a disgrace apple does not issue at least a two year warranty on all batteries. Failing that they could at least reduce the cost down from the extremely high £99 they charge for these replacements.

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    Battery Failure

    • Written by from tullyallen

    Just read a number of review on problems with batteries on ibooks. I have a macbook the past 11 months & I can no longer use my laptop without having the power cable constantly plugged in otherwise the laptop powers off within a couple of seconds. Again I would agree this is very low quality for a product for which I paid in excess of 1300 euros.

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    Poor Battery Performance

    • Written by from Salisbury

    I agree with all reviews here giving 1 star. It is not even worth that. I have spent thousands on Apple products, and this is the first time they have disappointed. My battery has only done just over 200 cycles and now they tell me I have to buy a new one because it is out of warranty. When you spend £1000 on a laptop you do not expect the battery to take only 200 cycles. Sort this out Apple, from reading these reviews this is not an isolated problem.

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    Apple macbook battery

    • Written by from ASHBOURNE

    Apple - sort it out! 3 batteries in 18 months - not good enough.

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    Utter rubbish!

    • Written by from London

    Only 6 months down the line and this battery is already losing any charge! Apple's website "claim" Macbook Intel Duo Core will last up to 6 hours on battery life, what a joking statement!

    Such a great laptop with such unreliable battery. This is like Rioja serve in a plastic cup!

    C'mon Apple, sort this nonsense out. There really should be a free battery replacement program for this screw-up to keep us the customer happy!

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    Macbook Battery

    • Written by from Isle of Barra

    Just like most of the others, my battery has packed up a month after the warranty has run out. The battery didnt give any indication of a problem before hand. Think it's a disgrace that apple are not doing more about this large and common problem!

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    Mac Batteries are useless

    • Written by from Bampton

    I pre ordered the mac book from John Lewis when it was first released. the battery lasted approx one month. i was given a new laptop. the battery failed again after about six weeks. I dont want another computor because i will loose all my stuff (3000 photos, applications etc) why should we have to foot the cost for a new battery every few weeks? the whole point of a laptop is to be portable. the amount of times the power cord gets knocked, and the computor switches off is very frustrating. All batteries should have been recalled, and new ones supplied automatically.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Derry City

    Have a Mac Book (black), original battery worked fine, but as with all batteries, life came to an end.Purchased new battery April 2010, and now one year battery has died (only 70 cycles). This is not what I expect or deserve from a company like Apple.

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