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    Macbook battery black

    • Written by from LEIGHTON BUZZARD

    My battery is 7 years old and has now eventually stopped working. I was told it should last 300 hours in the apple store and at the time was near to 1200 hours. I decided to leave it until it stopped completely, which it now has. I must be near to 1500 hours by now. Quite impressive.

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    Apple Macbook Battery

    • Written by from Whitstable

    I guess these batteries are now supplied by different manufacturers who have different ideas about performance and longevity. My 2008 Macbook with its OEM battery now lasts for about 1.5 hours, it shows a charge cycle of just 274 and tells me to service the battery. So, and I bought a new battery from Apple about 14 months ago, it now last for about 3 hours and shows a cycle count of 36. This battery isnt going to last much longer.
    Compare that to my Daughters Macbook from 2007. The battery lasts over 6 hours and shows a cycle count of 1093, condition normal.

    Doesnt add up does it?

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    81 eighty one? EIGHTY ONE!

    • Written by from Glasgow

    After 81 charge cycles I had one of these replacements die on me. More than £1/per charge cycle.

    The original lasted, from release day, to autumn 2011. The replacement barely made it to the following summer...

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    Never seen a battery that lasts this long

    • Written by from Ilford

    My original battery that came with the Macbook has now 1716 cycles, more than 4.5 years old and still holds more than 2 hours average. Well done!

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    • Written by from dudley

    Purchased this battery at the end of January this year...after only 7 cycles the battery is dead and won't hold any charge at all....took it back to the Apple store only to be offered another battery for a reduced price of £80....as an avid fan of Apple products I am deeply disappointed!!!

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    met the grade - 5 years and 944 cycles.

    • Written by from Hereford

    944 cycles - this battery lasted since april 2007 which is 5 years. i use my laptop as my sole computer and use if for at least 5 hours a day. this product was incredible.

    very willing to pay £101 for another if it meets the grade.

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    • Written by from Alvechurch

    Each one of these batteries I have owned has lasted no more than six months with the most recent one swelling and making the click below the trackpad unable to be pressed down. I had a sony laptop which never had that problem until someone spilt a pint of water over it.. now my cheapest option is to try and find a battery to get my mac back to life, apple can you sort this product out and make a battery that actually works? i do charge and drain by battery and never leave it constantly plugged in but it has made no difference to me. at the moment i have ten seconds battery life MAX.

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    Want to turn your laptop into a desktop?

    • Written by from Isleworth

    The first battery I had for my Macbook failed quickly enough for me to get a replacement through apple care (lucky).
    My second battery is now dying after only 600 cycles. I can power my laptop for just over an hour if I'm just typing, but if working with music or video... maybe half an hour to 45 minutes? Not useful to take anywhere without a power cable.

    It is sad because the machine (MacBook) is fantastic but let down by the fact that you will end up spending £300+ purely on replacement batteries over the next few years of the laptop's life.


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    Really not impressed

    • Written by from reading

    I am so fed up of this problem. I am now about to get my 3rd battery (black 13inch mac not sure if relevant).
    As I am now out of apple care I am going to have to fork out £100 for a useless product that I know will die well before supposed lesser quality notebooks.
    This is beyond a joke.
    As for other reviews that say the problems are from misuse or not properly looking after the battery. I have followed apple's advice to a T and still am faced with the same problem.
    The battery works fine, shows no signs of giving up, I run the battery flat one day, go to charge and nothing!!!
    This is so frustrating. If I had wanted a computer that had to stay plugged in, I would have bought a desk top.
    Apple you MUST fix this problem before charging extortionate prices for your batteries.

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    • Written by from Newport

    I honestly can't understand what all the fuss is about. I've had my macbook for around 4 years, it's done over 1300 cycles and it still lasts at least 3 hours with relatively heavy use.
    My housemate has just bought a brand new macbook and the full charge capacity of his is only slightly higher than mine.
    It seems to me that people just aren't taking care of their batteries properly.

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    • Written by from Derry City

    Have a Mac Book (black), original battery worked fine, but as with all batteries, life came to an end.Purchased new battery April 2010, and now one year battery has died (only 70 cycles). This is not what I expect or deserve from a company like Apple.

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    No problems here either

    • Written by from London

    Just to redress the balance of all these terrible reviews - I've had my MacBook for 3.5 years, it's on it's 935th charge, and although I intend to replace it soon, the battery life is still acceptable considering its age, and has only recently got to a stage where I'm getting nostalgic for the days when it lasted longer.

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    No problems here!

    • Written by from King's Lynn

    I've had my MacBook for nearly 4 years, and the battery is doing fine. 824 cycles and I still get 2-3 hours use. Battery health is 87-90% and I'm sure it helps to let the battery fully discharge and recharge as often as possible.

    The laptop itself has a hard life and is looking a little the worse for wear now, but until the battery dies, there's no chance of a new machine!

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    • Written by from chelmsford

    Apple please sort out this problem, it is a joke. compaired to any PC laptop it is disgraceful. 13 months and the battery has gone, my old pc laptop is 4 years old and the battery is still going.

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    Terrible Performance and Terrible Warranty Cover

    • Written by from LONDON

    As it says on the tin. Apple refuse to replace my battery because 300 charge cycles is all you get and its a consumable. Thats very poor it seems with the advent of constant updates. I strangely had a firmware update on the SMC. A battery is an integral part of a laptop and as the magsafe adaptors pull out so easily going without one is not an option.
    Very poor

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    Poor Battery

    • Written by from Manchester

    Initially, the battery life was great, 5 hours long every charge. Unfortunately, despite being well within the recharge lifetime of the battey, it stopped charging and I now have to either keep it plugged in (hoping I don't accidentally pull the plug out, which happens a LOT due to magsafe), or fork out £70-90 for a new one. Quite frankly, this is poor.

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    Requiescat in pace

    • Written by from GRAVESEND

    Battery was fine until I upgraded to Snow Leopard. Now it has about half the capacity and keeps coming up with 'Check Battery'. And at a 173 cycle count its pretty poor show from Apple.

    Charge Information:
    Charge remaining (mAh): 178
    Fully charged: No
    Charging: Yes
    Full charge capacity (mAh): 2320
    Health Information:
    Cycle count: 173
    Condition: Check Battery

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    Try this before you buy!!!

    • Written by from Wolverhampton

    I thought my battery was fried was 2yrs old and 612 cycles, I need to buy a new battery, my battery condition was still good. So I followed what this guy told me to do on this thread to reset the System Management Controller (SMC) and now the problem has gone.

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    Swollen Battery prevents click on mouse pad

    • Written by from Dublin 07

    I bought my white macbook in late 2007 , in october, and since then its battery has been working perfectly until march 2010. I detected the trouble when I was having difficulty clicking the mouse pad. Afetr google search, I was able to zero on the battery and I noticed that battery has swelled enough to prevent clicks on mouse pad. I went to an authorised apple seller to buy battery. My warranty had expired already and I did not intend to pay anything extra beyond battery cost. I am in Ireland and apple 'expert' told me to go for check up of macbook even after I told him it is the battery causing the problem.
    I decided to something on my own. I took the battery out from the macbook and saw that there is circular rubbery thing whic is pressed upward by swollen battery preventing clicks. I marked corresponding area on battery and hammered the area on battery gently and got that area pressed enough to leave space for that rubber thing.
    and whoooaaaa!!! IT WORKED !!!

    I am happy that I don't have to buy the battery for some time as I use power-adapter most of the time. I have still 120 cycles out of 300 cycles remaining for battery charging.

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    4 years on

    • Written by from FALKIRK

    I have had my Black mac book now for just over 4 years, It is used couple times a week as its my main computer for my music collection and updating my iphone ect. I have looked after the battery and its still on my origonal. On a full charge will last well over 2-3 hours which for a 4 year old laptop ain't bad. I tend to let the battery get to around 20% and as soon as it shows 100% remove the charger. I recently checked the batt condition and it said it was still good. My Parents Mac book pro, is on its second batt after they refused to look after it properly and constantly over charged it. Just goes to show it makes a diffrence not leaving it plug into the mains all the time. Or so I have found.

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