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    Swollen Battery

    • Written by from Blackpool

    Just 3 years, and the computer was shutting itself down auto. The battery life was declining day by day, which was a worry, as new one cost £100. Yesterday, disaster. My MacBook Pro was wobbling on the desk. The battery was swollen. My God. I was in shock.
    Apple, you must sort this swelling out. It has really annoyed me, as now I've got to pay out.
    Other remarks - the battery is way too hot. I even saw someone on the internet fry an egg on it!!!
    Shame, as I love Apple products in general, and though this has annoyed me, I still do support Apple, as it's the best on the market for designers.

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    Thought I'd redress some of the negs here

    • Written by from Edinburgh

    People don't seem to be reviewing the battery at all in the top pile of negs posted here. Here's a quick crack at it....
    My 17" Macbook pro comes with one of these batts (as does yours!) - If mine is anything to go by, you should get 1.5 years of regular use before you need to replace. This should be expected of any rechargable battery of this kind of size and complexity. Laptop batteries don't get treated properly because they regularly get plugged in when they are only at partial discharge. This is not brilliant even for modern Lithium ion etc. However, I treated mine to regular discharges and full recharges to keep the sectors / cells open and flexing (or whatever the term is - I'm no scientist geek!) and I have been very impressed with what these power cells can achieve when compared to my Sony Vaio and Dell laptops (I have many). I think £100 is a bit hot for a replacement here - so I have just bought one on eBay for £38. The dude says it's a real one. It had better be! Perhaps I'll come back here and tell you the story when it arrives! - Anyway - I would say, yes do buy this battery when yours starts to misbehave. And don't be dissapointed if you've had a year's worth of good use out of the one you are recycling. If you are out and about without mains a lot, then you should definately have at least one spare. Having two batts also helps you look after them properly because you can (if you're disciplined enough) let them discharge fully before swapping out. Battery swelling? So hot you can fry an egg on it? It does sound like it's time for a replacement doesn't it.... What's that you say? Only had it for 6 months... erm - why don't you send it back to Apple then, it'll be under warrantee! Stuff does do wrong sometimes you know. Honestly some people don't know a good thing when they see it.

    Trust me - These are good. I know what I'm talking about.

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    • Written by from CANVEY ISLAND

    I am reluctantly, to say the least about to buy a 3rd battery for a 17" macbook pro, Apple please sort this out, there is obviously a major fault!!!!!!!!!

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    Apple replace so why buy?

    • Written by from Drumcondra

    First review I've posted and it's not a review. Like a lot of people I've had the ever expanding battery. Have just been onto Apple who are replacing it FOC. One thing to note is that they charge you for a new one if you don't return the old one with 10 working days.

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    • Written by from portmarnock

    As with most complaints, by battery started to bulge alarmingly. I feel this kind of distressing and possibly dangerous fault should be, without question, replaced at no cost to the owner. Why should we have to pay for a replacement when it is clearly a fault on apples part? Shame on them.

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    3rd battery in 4 years - Useless

    • Written by from Dublin

    The good thing about Apple products is that most the parts originate from the one company, when compared to a PC. This usually results in a more stable computer. The downside is that when there is an obvious design flaw in a part you are stuck with continuously replacing with another inferior part. This is my 3rd battery I am about to buy for my 2007 macbook pro. They all ended there lives with the swollen issue. The last battery only last 14 months, convenient for Apple that they only come with a 12 month warranty. This last battery had only cycled around 280 times, well under what Apple say it should have done prior to requiring replacement. I have known about this design flaw for years so I was expecting it. To anyone else who this might be your first battery replacement start saving for the next one now.

    All the reviewers who praise this product obviously work for Apple as one look on the Net will confirm this, this battery has a design flaw.

    They did have a replacement program for a while but they have stopped that, greed must of got the better of them.

    This product is a "lemon", a joke, and Apple should admit so.

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    Macbook Pro 17inch Battery

    • Written by

    At the moment im having to run my mac on power due to that my battery is for some reason expanding and the 3 batterys inside it are way TOOO big. Im ordering a new one but why is this happening. Also there getting to hot.

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    Second bulging battery and second time it's destroyed optical drive

    • Written by from Harrow Weald

    What's going on with these Apple batteries??? Terrible. My second battery just started bulging. Both times, before the bulging became apparent my CD drive stopped working. The bulging seems to bend the casing out of place, destroying the alignment of the CD drive. Apple replaced my first CD drive, battery and new casing on the underside. This time its going to be interesting, as it's out of warranty. When you spend out nearly £2000 for a product, this is the last thing that should be going wrong!

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    Wobble Wobble

    • Written by from shrewsbury

    My mac has just grown a shapely bottom due to battery swelling

    This is an expensive computer to have this kind of fault. Im concerned about upgrading to the new MacBook pro with internal battery if it did this inside the machine it would be really bad a bit more than £100 to fix i think.

    Get this sorted Apple

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    The strange case of the expanding battery. . .

    • Written by from Bath

    This is obviously a major design fault with these batteries. After 2 years moderate use, I found that the metal plate glued on top of the battery was badly distorted any coming away from the battery itself. This distortion caused the battery contacts to disconnect, shutting down my computer at random! £100 to buy a replacement that will do the same again is not good enough.

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    Mutating Battery

    • Written by from Birmingham

    This is the second battery to grow out of its casing in 3years. When I originally spoke to apple about my first mutating battery they accidentally let slip that it was a design floor.

    Thinking that they would have resolved this problem I bought another one as the cost of replacing the laptop completely far exceeded the cost of a new battery. Now this has happened again and reading all the other similar problems that people are having I believe that for a laptop costing close to £2k this is unacceptable and I will not be buying another battery from apple. I'd rather buy a cheaper replacement one which lasts just as long.

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    2. battery burns out in 4 years of moderate use

    • Written by from Hellerup

    on a 4. year old 17" Mac Book Pro we now are on our second battery after it shut down and grow into a sick monster twice its shape, in other words.... it grows an grows.
    And as usual Apple, wont take responsibility and replace the freaking battery.

    We have decided for a new Lenovo laptop, goodbye Apple

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    • Written by from Rochdale

    My second battery has just swollen beyond usefulness, just 216 cycles into its life. It was a replacement for the previous faulty battery that lasted only seven months. I rarely put my batteries under strain and work more from the mains - I'm won't buy a third - not from Apple anyway.

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    Oh dear Apple, You Fail!

    • Written by from DUMFRIES

    Yet another swollen battery, about to order my fourth. Apple have been quite good at fixing other issues will all the mac products I've owned over the years, but on this they have failed, deciding to ignore the problem. I've tried 3rd party batteries too, but no luck there either...please don't make me buy a PC.....

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    Swollen Battery

    • Written by from IKAST


    2 Years and 2 months and the battery is swollen up like i have never seen before. This is not okay when it is used as it should and it is a Lithium battery.

    The price is simply to high if it only last for 2 years.

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    Battery switches off laptop, with 80% charge, HDD corrupted!!

    • Written by from Ferryhill Station

    I've had a Mac Book Pro for 19 months, switched from Windows. Love the system, don't love the battery!!!

    The battery started to switch the laptop off without notice, whilst it still had 80% charge. It did this a couple of times, which ended up corrupting the Hard Drive!! Luckily I've always kept up to date with the backups, thanks to Time Machine!

    However, I'm now going to have to shell out £100 for another one, which I'm not overly happy about...

    I can't risk the battery corrupting the laptop and losing another day putting the data back on!

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    • Written by from Basingstoke

    After my mac started shutting down unexpectedly I noticed a weird buckling of the battery case so I reluctantly decided to purchase a new one and A-HA I se that I am not alone - does it male me feel better? I guess, but still about to be a ton lighter in the wallet - As an Apple User for 15 years I have to say this is the first issue I have had - so c'mon guys SORT IT OUT - any chance of a free replacement Steve?

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    Battle of the bulge

    • Written by from Norwich

    Just turned thirty eight last month and suffering mild middle-age spread - to be expected with a my lazy life I guess but was not very pleased to note that at just 3 years old my beloved MBP 17" 2.33 Dual Core has come out in sympathy and is bursting it's seams too!

    As others have found, my battery started cutting out after no time at all despite being almost fully charged. I then noticed that the tracking pad and button was starting to cut out intermittently. Turns out the battery has 'bulged' and that I'm not the only one with the problem (though browsing about I find that mine is a very minor bulge indeed - story of my life!).

    On a more serious note though this is a potentially dangerous fault to what is after all an incredibly expensive piece of kit. I expected better and hope that when I call Apple about it shortly they see sense and replace it free of charge - the price for this replacement is just ridiculous!

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    Pro 17" Battery Exploded after 1 1/2 year

    • Written by from Valby

    At first it was a small bump that stopped my trackpad from working. Then the …Read morecomplete pop. It does seem dangerous.

    Will it happen again when I get a new battery?

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    2 years and 2 weeks!!!

    • Written by from Copenhagen

    Mine lasted just 2 years. This is a scandal, my dad has a a 6 years old Copmpaq Evo portable, it still has the original battery. Although it doesn't last as long as it use to, but at least the thing doesn't shutdown when running on battery. This is not acceptable!!!!

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