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    Excellent Battery

    • Written by from Newcastle

    I've had this MacBook for 6 years, and in that time I have had 2 batteries for it; the one it arrived with, and the replacement I bought about 3 years ago. I recently bought a new one from Apple, and yet again, I am not disappointed. I tend to get between 3 and 4 hours out of the battery when I treat it properly, and if the battery life starts to diminish, I put it through a complete charging cycle, and it works fine again. I once had an issue with a different MacBook, where the battery was only lasting about half an hour, but I took it into Apple and they replaced it, no bother.

    Another excellent product, Apple. Thanks.

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    • Written by from MANCHESTER

    There's a lot of nags on here about batteries. Yes it gets very hot - not great but its the way it is. Yes they do run out if you treat them badly - so would your girlfriend if you treated her badly.

    I have always fully charged and discharged my battery - just get into the habit of regularly saving work if you are down to 20% or below. By doing this my original battery has just decided it's time for retirement at the grand old age of 5. In Human years I reckon thats about 100!

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    Exceptionally reliable

    • Written by from chippenham

    I have had no trouble whatsoever with the battery for my 17 inch macbook pro. In the 4 years I have had the laptop I must have charged it 7-800 times, with no problems. The solution is never to fully discharge the battery and to use a laptop fan cooler whenever the battery runs hot. I use an Akasa off USB port. Keeps my Mac book cool.

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    • Written by from london


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    Did hold longer than the average 1000 Charging Cycles

    • Written by from London

    After a good 3years my Battery needs a replacement -
    that is by far more than the average 1000 Charging Cycles a Standard Recharable Battery would last...

    And £100 is not expensive either, when I compare it to a Charging Pack for a Crestron Touchscreen Unit, which in essence are only 8 AA Batteries with some Charging Circuits tin soldered on a circuit board - costing the same...

    So I really can't understand those low rated comments above...

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    Apple come up Trumps!

    • Written by from LONDON

    Why am I so pleased when other reviewers on this page, and much chat elsewhere on the internet, has been so negative about the mystery of the "exploding battery?
    I thought it was a bit of a myth as my late-2007 MacbookPro 17" had worked impeccably since purchase without so much as a change of battery. Admittedly it has spent most of its life plugged into mains supply with only rare occasions of complete discharge. Some advice favours this approach, others say the opposite and recommend monthly tinkering and full discharge of the battery. I did not, and it always kept a full charge and lasted well when off the mains. Until yesterday, when fortunately the early manifestations of a bulge was felt on its under-belly. In retrospect there had been some symptoms (a couple of recent unexpected shutdowns; a strangeness about the thumb click) but one had not connected these with what we now know to be battery swelling. Alarmed after researching the tales of woe and horror on the web I promptly removed the bulging component to ensure no more damage - if any - could occur to the MacBook. After removal the real surprise occurred. About 30 minutes later on a cold table surface the battery 'exploded' quite loudly (but in the dry metalic sense) into full smiling bloom! Whatever the problem, and the "Genius" at the Apple Store in Regent Street was fairly reticent in his opinion, I am fully satisfied as the battery was replaced without charge, and add my praise to Apple's customer care. They could have said "Sorry chum, well out of warranty", but that is not the way to keep customers; and this one is into the third decade of being a total Mac proponent. Thanks, Apple, we all have our little problems, but only few face up to their responsibilities.

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    • Written by from Belfield

    I have had this battery in my MacBook pro for some 6 years and it has only now given up the ghost. Even though it had started to swell it was still giving me 1.5hours of uptime. I have made sure that I use may machine mostly with the AC Adaptor plugged in. Perhaps that is the trick???

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    I am very happy with my battery

    • Written by from Welwyn Garden City

    Maybe I've been lucky but I am only seeing the Replace Soon warning after two and a half years of use. The stats on the battery say it all:

    Health Information:
    Cycle count: 718
    Condition: Replace Soon

    I think that's good value for all the use I have had from it. I only ever run my laptop on its battery and charge it overnight. I've followed Apple's instructions to get the best from it, letting it run down at night and leaving it to sleep until completely discharged and then charging it again.

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    Superb Quality!

    • Written by from STRATFORD-UPON-AVON

    Just ordered one. The one it's replacing has been working perfectly since Feb 2006, with 853 cycles. 30 months of hassle free use. MBP used constantly for 12 - 15 hours per day, 5 days per week. Perfect.

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    400 cycles 96% Istat 95% coconut battery health

    • Written by from Bath

    SMP battery, NOT SONY!! (about this mac>power)

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    561 cycles and 2 years and 2 months later .....

    • Written by from Hartlepool

    it's showing it's age ...... great life from a great battery .... YES, my computer has just started shutting down without going to sleep when it gets to about 21% of power left, yes, it is almost definitely a Snow Leopard bug that mis-reports battery levels and causes the computer not to sleep properly and lose all current work, and it will worl fine when connected to an AC power source, BUT after 26 months service and 561 cycles, it it ssuch a hard thing to INVEST in your faithful MacBook Pro and buy a new shiny battery for it?

    You know it makes sense ....

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    640 charges before replacement

    • Written by from EBBW VALE

    After paying out for a Pro level machine, I would be angry if the battery died quickly afterwards but 3yrs and 640 charges later - I don't think so. At that rate it works out at just over £30 a year for a replacement! In my opinion well worth the investment.

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    The end of its natural life - over 2 years old and 444 cycles!

    • Written by from Wakefield

    It's like anything in this life, if you look after it properly (as per the Apple's recommendations, and bearing manufacturing faults), it SHOULD last as long as mine has. I'm freelance and use my Macbook Pro 17" very regularly, taking care to discharge it fully as often as possible. It has currently done 444 cycles and it is only just beginning to cause me problems - cutting out at around 40% charge. This is to be expected as it IS a consumable item and has a finite life. Considering what it has to do, not a bad life either. If you are getting significantly less service from yours, it's either a dud (and you should expect a replacement) or you may need to give it a little more TLC.

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    Long term user

    • Written by from BARNSTAPLE

    My battery just swelled, but only after 3 years use, so I guess I'm luckier than some.
    I've been a Mac user for about 20 years and have had very few complaints (and I can be a grumpy old barst'd).
    I kept my laptop plugged into the mains for most of its life, only unplugging when when I went out to see a client. I doubt that the battery was fully discharged more often than once every 3 months.
    My only concern with buying a replacement is that it doesn't tell me the best care regime to get even more life out of this new one.
    Where's the 'best care' advice Apple?

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    Thought I'd redress some of the negs here

    • Written by from Edinburgh

    People don't seem to be reviewing the battery at all in the top pile of negs posted here. Here's a quick crack at it....
    My 17" Macbook pro comes with one of these batts (as does yours!) - If mine is anything to go by, you should get 1.5 years of regular use before you need to replace. This should be expected of any rechargable battery of this kind of size and complexity. Laptop batteries don't get treated properly because they regularly get plugged in when they are only at partial discharge. This is not brilliant even for modern Lithium ion etc. However, I treated mine to regular discharges and full recharges to keep the sectors / cells open and flexing (or whatever the term is - I'm no scientist geek!) and I have been very impressed with what these power cells can achieve when compared to my Sony Vaio and Dell laptops (I have many). I think £100 is a bit hot for a replacement here - so I have just bought one on eBay for £38. The dude says it's a real one. It had better be! Perhaps I'll come back here and tell you the story when it arrives! - Anyway - I would say, yes do buy this battery when yours starts to misbehave. And don't be dissapointed if you've had a year's worth of good use out of the one you are recycling. If you are out and about without mains a lot, then you should definately have at least one spare. Having two batts also helps you look after them properly because you can (if you're disciplined enough) let them discharge fully before swapping out. Battery swelling? So hot you can fry an egg on it? It does sound like it's time for a replacement doesn't it.... What's that you say? Only had it for 6 months... erm - why don't you send it back to Apple then, it'll be under warrantee! Stuff does do wrong sometimes you know. Honestly some people don't know a good thing when they see it.

    Trust me - These are good. I know what I'm talking about.

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