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    Must Read Don't Buy This Item

    • Written by from Corby

    I bought this item at a apple store and not many of the people could give me any information on the item. I wanted to start running to keep fit but you have to buy shoes to fit the devices which are not that cheap. They tried to out do them self with a single button to turn the device on and off but it has no way of saying if it is on or off and this is a problem because the battery cannot be replaced or recharged but it says it has 'over 1000' hours' of battery life. And if you do not know whether the device is on or not it could run out of battery quickly. I had high expectations on this item but this item failed to even get close to them. If you have money to burn then it would be a good product but I have no way to return this it therefore I regret this purchase.

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    Awesome, But Register It!!

    • Written by from Toronto

    Obviously, when it's working, it rules. Everyone who runs with Nike+ will tell you the same thing: it makes fun runs more fun and training - for speed, distance or both - way easier.

    ONE THING: make sure you register it as soon as you buy it. It says it has 1000 hours of juice but mine ran out of batteries long before that. It has a year-long warranty and most of the time if the battery isn't up to snuff, you'll know before then. If you register, Apple is amazing about giving you a new one. If you don't register? You're definitely in trouble.

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    Great product

    • Written by from SCARBOROUGH

    The best feeling is when you switch to your power song, and start running faster and stronger! Although if the price decrease a bit, more people will buy it for sure

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    • Written by from Blackpool

    The best fun to be had while running on your own! All we need now is a decent armband for the ipod touch.........

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