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    Battery Life

    • Written by from NORWICH

    To maintain the best battery life, you need to have your screen set on its lowest setting, airport switched off, not use the optical drive and use the hard disc as little as possible, then you get good battery life. Use any one of the above and expect a hit. Thats what I experience with my MacBook Pro

    As far as the MacBook Pro shutting off with out warning then you have a defective battery (warping, swelling, poor life and heat are related to the problem). Try Apples exchange program, same thing happen to me and mine was swapped over.

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    Poor Battery Life

    • Written by from Panama City

    I bought a Mac Pro Book 15 Inch 10 months ago. I never ever got more than about 1hour 30 Mins from the battery. It would indicate 2 Hours 30 Mins but never achieved it. If you are thinking of buying the Pro Book be warned you will not get anything like the claimed battery life.

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    Poor quality.

    • Written by from London

    I bought a MacBook pro six months ago in July 2006, the battery life decreased to about 1.5 hours life after a full charge after 70 cycles (Apple's support site claims that the batterys are designed to retain 80% of their original charge after 300 cycles). The MacBook also started to shut-off power completely without warning (loosing any unsaved work). After 85 "cycles" the battery started getting extremely hot, warped, and now does not hold any charge at all.

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