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    Why oh Why are the adapter leads so short ? and who designs these things ?

    • Written by from Southampton

    Apple ! You state in your blurb that the design is the important thing ! Well ok most Apple stuff is well above the norm BUT why do you persist in chucking out adapter leads that are far too short and why are they so expensive ? Most have about 6 cms of flex between the two plugs. Any good electrical engineer knows about cable strain relief. This allows the plugs to stay put when the cable moves a little. Thus preventing un-necessary disconnections let alone the strain on the delicate terminations within the connected plugs and sockets. Surely it's not going to break your bank by supplying an little more cable. It's not a lot to request that you do it correctly and try it out before you throw this stuff onto the market.

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    Mini DVI not working Solution

    • Written by from Haverhill

    OK this is easy for multiple monitors get an external graphics card and a DVI to HDMI cable Download the graphics card software and hey presto,

    NOTE!!! if one of the displays will not register in my experience could be either unplug and replug the cables while the computer is on(yes i said it) then the graphics cards will start to talk to each other , they must get stuck or blocked or some other techincal reason, which i dont know but i have 13 inch MBP running 2x 21inch LED monitors with very little latency issues (speed to respond). Apple dont even know their own tech... so dont ask them email me for proof if you dont believe me.
    Equipment list:

    hdmi monitors x2 (or as many as you want)
    Diamond external graphics card, suited to the monitor(list is on their website)
    Displaylink software (free download from their site)
    mini DVI/thinderbolt cable to hdmi
    job done....

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    look before you buy

    • Written by from gateshead

    I bought this to connect a Dell Ultrasharp U2412M silver 24" second display to my iMac 24" 2.8 Ghz core 2 duo.
    Works like a charm and very pleased with the quality of the display output.
    There are a few people complaining about incompatibility issues but as long as you do your research and look at the pic gallery of the pinouts there is no excuse for getting the wrong connector.

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    Great when it works!

    • Written by from WITHAM

    First one of these I bought was faulty (totally blank display on the external monitor). However, I took to my local Apple store and they swapped it no questions asked. The replacement works great, glad I upgraded from the VGA adapter I was using previously.

    Ignore all the moaners in some of these reviews who have obviously not been careful enough to look at what they're buying, the picture clearly shows the connections on this adapter. Its not Apple's fault if you can't spare 10 seconds of your life to look at it.

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    Why oh why are the cables so short??

    • Written by

    This item would be just fine to connect my Mac book to my tv with the normal sized DVI D on it only the cable is so ridiculously short! How can it fit from TV to macbook with no more than 4 inches? Usually Apple thinks of ways to make things easier but somehow here they are just silly. And why isnt there at least the option for a longer cable?

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    Misleading selling by Apple

    • Written by from BANBURY

    I purchased this to connect it to a DVI monitor (previously connected to our X-serve); the purpose for which it is advertised. As supplied It does not fulfil that purpose.

    The monitor has a DVI connector. That connector does not fit the adaptor. There are four pins in the connector that the adaptor has no corresponding holes for. From subsequent web research it seems these pins are for VGA signal. I know they aren't required, but they're there and I don't want to cut them out!

    Apple should say the adaptor will not fit most DVI connector equipped screens unless you either cut away those pins or drill extra holes in the adaptor. Currently I'm £14 down on the purchase of the adaptor and unable to connect my screen. No apology from Apple!

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    Works a treat

    • Written by from Burnley

    Does exactly as advertised. I use it with my MacBook to connect to a Samsung monitor and haven't had any problems. The only thing that caused some confusion is that the DVI that is created is a female version, so with my monitor I needed a male to male DVI cable (to lengthen the connection) rather than the male to female that I expected.

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    99% Perfect

    • Written by

    This Product douse what it says on the tin, Absolutely Brilliant to have with a MacBook with an External Display, Its Quality is just like plugging your monitor into a normal DVI Port. 1% off because of the cable being a tad short but no big problems.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Cork

    I'm amazed that people find this cable expensive. It's €19.00!! Does exactly what it's supposed to do.

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    Does what it says on the tin But...

    • Written by from yeovil

    Too short, and expensive thats why Ive Dropped 2 Stars!
    But it works, and my Black MacBook (late 2008) when
    Connected to my Dell 24" Displays in that screens Native Resolution.
    Overall I'm Very pleased with this product and would recommend it.

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    Does exactly what it's supposed too...

    • Written by

    Nice little product, worked a treat for linking my 20" Intel iMac up to a 20" Samsung display. Very simple and no setup required. It would be nice if it was available as a wire (maybe 0.5m) so there was no need for a DVI cable.

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    Works with my HD TV

    • Written by from BOLTON

    Yes this cable works with My HD Tv perfectly but you do need a separate cable that connects hdmi to DVI. I got the Second cable in currys for a cheaper price than it is on here, as it costs twice as much on here, so good luck, but all the same, picture is crystal clear. Good Buy.

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    Great for output to HD TV!

    • Written by from LONDON

    I bought one of these with an XTREMEHD HTMI>DVI adapter cable to hook up to my Sony Bravia.

    I have a 2.4Ghz 20" iMac and a Sony Bravia KDL26S201OU 26" LCD TV and as soon as I plugged it in the screen flashed a couple of times on my iMac and I was up and running!

    The Displays section recognised the TV and the colour profile and automatically set it up for 1080i. The only observation is that the 'overscan' setting makes the picture go off screen at the top and the bottom so I disabled that.

    Great bit of kit for previewing my video when I'm editing with Final Cut ^^

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Braintree

    Falls out unless supported on a desk. Falls out when you move your laptop. Falls out when you move your monitor lead.

    I would give it no stars if this review system did not force at least one star.

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    Does the job well

    • Written by from South Shields

    This came as an add-on cost for my Macbook but was just what I needed to connect it to the HDMI socket on my TV (with a DVI-HMDI crossover cable that cost twice as much!). DVI-D - in case you are wondering.

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    Yet another cost!

    • Written by from London

    I bought the MacBook Pro with the Apple wide screen, works great. Then I bought a MacBook foolishly thinking it would just work after all they are both new within a year, but Apple were one step ahead. The MacBook comes with a mini DVI so you need this adapter.
    Yet another overpriced extra for an overrated machine!

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    A DVI-D adaptor that does what it is supposed to do

    • Written by from Newport Pagnell

    I bought a Dell monitor with DVI-D cable bundled because I couldn't afford a cinema display for my MacBook :-( Then bought the mini-DVI to DVI adaptor, plugged it into the Dell cable and voila - it all works perfectly. No drivers, no mess, just instant gratification. An adaptor that does exactly what it says on the tin.

    Shame it's not bundled with the MacBook, but I suppose Apple can't be expected to supply cabling and adaptors for every conceivable configuration. I have a drawer full of unused cables from previous Macs and other computers and I can't think of a use for them except landfill :-(

    Even better if the MacBook had been supplied with a standard DVI-D port.

    Overall though - it works perfectly. Just check that it's right for your set-up before you rush to buy.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Useless if you want to connect to a VGA monitor

    • Written by from Dublin 5

    This is the second apple video adaptor I've bought in 2 months that doesn't work. The last one was a DVI to component video adaptor that wasn't compatible with my Mac Pro Gee Force graphics card. This one won't work with my Macbook to my existing apple DVI to VGA adaptor.
    Really bad form Apple.

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    This is a great adapter, buy one

    • Written by from CHESTER

    This is very useful because all apple products are just so incompatible when you buy this you can connect a macbook or any other product with a mini-dvi port to a, vga equipped TV, projector, and anything else

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    Might not be what you think

    • Written by from London

    Turns out that not all Apple DVI products are created equal. Bought this at the Apple store in London on Saturday since they don't stock the mini-DVI-to-VGA adaptor, thinking that I could just plug it into my existing DVI-VGA adaptor. No such luck, this one lacks the 4-pins-around-the-flat-thing interface.

    Yet another example of why I love Apple products (usually) but hate buying from Apple themselves. You'd think that a company that so prides itself on design would take a bit more care with the customer experience.

    This adaptor probably does what it says if the two things at either end are compatible. Just because you bought everything from Apple doesn't mean that they are... caveat emptor.

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