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    Might not be what you think

    • Written by from London

    Turns out that not all Apple DVI products are created equal. Bought this at the Apple store in London on Saturday since they don't stock the mini-DVI-to-VGA adaptor, thinking that I could just plug it into my existing DVI-VGA adaptor. No such luck, this one lacks the 4-pins-around-the-flat-thing interface.

    Yet another example of why I love Apple products (usually) but hate buying from Apple themselves. You'd think that a company that so prides itself on design would take a bit more care with the customer experience.

    This adaptor probably does what it says if the two things at either end are compatible. Just because you bought everything from Apple doesn't mean that they are... caveat emptor.

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    Yes, you need one and yes, it works. That doesn't make it a good product.

    • Written by from TURKU

    The connector itself is barely satisfactory. It's poorly designed: heavy enough and loose enough to work its way out of the mini-DVI port, unless resting on a flat surface (which your lap isn't). It's ignorant: the mac will switch to dual-display mode as soon as the adapter is connected, even if the display at the other end is turned off. It's short: the cable is barely 6 cms, room enough only to bend, so this was a wasted opportunity for an extension. And as others have noted, the adapter is DVI-D not DVI-I, meaning you cannot attach a readily-available DVI->VGA adapter to it but have to buy yet another proprietary connector instead. (Contrary to what one commenter implied, this was not necessary to support dual-link cinema displays; DVI-I supports dual-link just as well as DVI-D.)

    Then, yet another gripe about the connector's existence: there is ample room on even the smallest macbook (let alone iMac) to accommodate a full size DVI-I port, which takes care of DVI and VGA. Even if these mini-DVI connectors had a compelling reason to exist, Apple should have just bundled them with the macbook; like they do for the macbook air and the like they apparently used to for the powerbook. After the premium I paid for the macbook in the first place it's insulting to be nickel-and-dimed for adapter cables as well.

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    Too expensive, should come in the box.

    • Written by from Leominster

    Ok, I'm sure this adapter will do what it needs to do for many years to come, but it should come in the box with new MacBook. Apple seem to have really cut down on the stuff they include in the box nowadays - my good old G4 PowerMac came with all sorts of cables included, five years ago.

    I've never seen a monitor with a Mini DVI input, so if you want to add a 2nd display to your MacBook (which is pretty likely with its 13" display) you're going to need this adapter (assuming most people are using DVI now). Ok, MacBooks are at the budget end of Apple's computers, but they aren't exactly cheap, so please Apple - stop trying to rip us off even more. I like your computers, but get a bit sick of paying ridiculous prices for your extras!!

    To top it off, I was charged a fiver for postage and the thing arrived via second-class royal mail post after FIVE DAYS! Sort it out Apple - we're getting a bit sick of this.

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