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    WARNING Does NOT fit the Thunderbolt Port

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    Apple have not quite yet got to grips with their new Thunderbolt Ports on the 2011 MacBooks. So be warned - the Apple Mini DVI end of this little adaptor WILL NOT FIT into the NEW THUNDERBOLT PORT - Apparently the adapter you need is the MINI-DISPLAY port to VGA.

    Apple are sending me out a FREE replacement - Great customer Service - When Apple gets it wrong, they take it on the chin.

    At some time in the future, there will probably be an adapter from the Thunderbolt to a hub which has all sorts of female sockets for DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI or VGA and also Firewire, USB and Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel. At the moment, although the port appears to be able to handle multiple inputs, the available adapters limit you to using one at a time. However, as few at Apple seem to know exactly what does fit with the Thunderbolt, it may be that actually the port can only ever be dedicated to one use at a time.... we will see...

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    Excellent :)

    • Written by from Hawick

    Phoned up Apple and asked them to advise me on what I needed, got the correct cable and it works perfectly, connecting to an interactive whiteboard without any bother..

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    (Work) Life changing piece of kit.

    • Written by from Sheffield

    This is a glorious little thing. Beforehand I was trapped in my corporate Microsoft-owned world of work, where I'd have to give PowerPoint presentations using work-supplied Windows laptops.

    With this device, I can now import those presentations into Keynote, and connect my MacBook to their projector and control the whole thing wirelessly from my iPhone. It has turned the whole nightmarish experience of giving these presentations into a dream.

    And an absolute bargin at the price!

    Love it!

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    Great little gadget

    • Written by from Drogheda

    I've used this thingamagig for two years and it's a miracle worker - where PCs have failed to load on screen, the Mac has done so without incident. I use this on a multitude of projectors and screens in multiple locations per week and I can't recall a situation where I couldn't get it working - even when it was the location's problems mucking things up. Only thing is make sure you're getting the right connection - be certain that you don't need a Mini DisplayPort for some of the newer models - I use the Mini DVI with a MacBook and for projecting Keynote and in short it works a treat.

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    DVI to VGA adaptor

    • Written by from balloch

    Purchased for use with white macbook and panasonic LDV80 HD tv. Also required male vga to male vga cable.
    Worked very well as soon as connected. No set up was required other than selecting video mirroring on macbook.
    Also used audio cable from headphone jack on macbook to audio input on tv for sound.

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    Works Like a Dream-Just make sure you now what you're buying.

    • Written by from LEICESTER

    This wire works straight out of the box. Just make sure you know what your buying. This wire is for the white macbooks. the mini display port to vga is for the aluminium macbooks.

    WORTH BUYING!!!!!!!!

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    Works GREAT with my 46" Samsung

    • Written by from Odense M

    Heard there was some problems with a Samsung screen, but it works great with my 46" FullHD! Sweet!

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    • Written by from Clontarf

    no set-up required, works from the first plug in.

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    does what its suppose to do

    • Written by

    this is great as it is nice neat and compact
    i can easily just put this in my bag with me and bring it anywhere
    you never know when you would need it
    and it just does what it is suppose to do
    no hustle what so ever just plug it in your macbook and plug the other end to a monitor and the next thing you know your using 2 screens

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    • Written by from Maidstone

    It does the job, brilliant!

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    Wow Simply Simple

    • Written by

    Talk About Easy..

    I Unwrapped It,
    Connected The VGA Cable
    Plugged The Mini DVI End Into My iMac


    So Effortless Its Amazing
    Thankyou Apple

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    Nothing SHORT of being great

    • Written by from Royston

    There's no doubting that this is a quality product and it does the job excellently, I just can't help feeling a little ripped off. Yes, I knew before I bought it that it's just an adapter but didn't take into account the price of the additional cable that I'd need to buy to rig up my MacBook to a LCD TV.

    Would it really be so much of a problem to produce a 50cm version which is a cable, not an adaptor?

    Overall, buy it, its a quality product but keep in mind that you'll probably have to buy another VGA cable for £15+ if you don't have one kicking around free.

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    Fantastic with LCD HD Ready TV

    • Written by from Bournemouth

    I bought this little fellow a few months ago now, from an apple dealer, and although having to buy the vga cable itself, which some places can be nasty prices, this has been glorious. Its plugged into my Sony HD tv, a specific PC input, and when playing HD content on my mac, trailers, etc, it looks superb. Its just a shame i cant play multi region discs on my mac, VLC doesnt seem to work too well with Leopard, as im sure it might help make the DVDs look a little better than my old, S Video output, Dvd player. Anyway, a great adapter. Macx

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    Does the job

    • Written by from Telford

    Simple cable that does the job. I tried it out with a VGA to DVI adapter and found that it does work with it.

    The joining cable's a bit stiffer than I was expecting, but does it's job in keeping the large end out of the way of other ports.

    Also, oddly enough, OS X knows when the adapter is unplugged while running (and will move windows around to suit) but it doesn't know when the monitor cable is removed from the adapter. It doesn't appear to be a problem though.

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    • Written by from abingdon

    works great! connects my macbook to my hdtv, so easy! and it looks amazing!! great cable!

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    Excellent... (just make sure you order the right cable)

    • Written by from STOCKTON-ON-TEES

    First I ordered 'VGA Display Adapter' by mistake...
    Make sure the cable you order is the Correct one for your machine/peripheral.
    A lot of these cables look the same in the small picture and sound the same in the description. Check your requirements thoroughly before purchase. (ie - connections for both ends)
    I needed to connect a VGA TFT to my iMac, and placed my order for 'VGA Display Adapter'. Which shows on order form as 'APPLE VGA DISPLAY ADAPTER-GEN'. I later found that I needed compatibility for an 'iMac (Intel Core Duo)', returned 'VGA Display Adapter' and ordered 'Apple Mini DVI to VGA Adapter'. Which shows on order form as 'VID ADPT MINI-DVI TO VGA ADAPTER-GEN'.

    My new cable works like MAGIC, as I'm sure 'VGA Display Adapter' will for those who need it.
    Customer - Check every detail
    Apple - Make the difference MORE OBVIOUS

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    Does the Job

    • Written by from Peterborough

    Does the job well, the small plastic protectors on the tips of the connections are good and keep it safe during transportation in my bag.

    Does the job well

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    MacBook to Sony Bravia

    • Written by from Headcorn

    The design is excellent; Apple have added a short cable to allow for movement and stress rather than create a solid adapter that would put pressure on the Mini DVI port. I have used this adapter to successfully connect my MacBook to my high definition Sony Bravia, (Using the Belkin Pure AV Cable available from Amazon).

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    Excellent Service

    • Written by from MAIDSTONE

    I checked the customer reviews and found I needed an extra cable. I contacted the Apple Store on the phone, and spoke to an operator who told me exactly the Cables I needed. Excellent service throughout.

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    Display Dual

    • Written by from Trowbridge

    I got one of these cables and it requires no set up at all. just plug it in and boom second display pops up. you can even change which screen u want dock and apple bar on. the arrangment features allows you to change who screens position them self when transfering windows from one to another.

    a must buy for students with macbooks. or on the go industry professionals is a need. i am a student in multimedia and games and this has proved the best 15 quid i spent in a long time.

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