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    One of the thunderbolts is needed for connecting to main computer??

    • Written by from London

    I bought this dock because MacBook air only has one thunderbolt. A £180 investment for getting only one extra thunderbolt port (actually, I think this is a complete failure in design of Apple). But the surprise is that one of the thunderbolt ports is needed to connect to the computer. At the end I am again with only one thunderbolt port. Very good joke Apple+elgato.

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    • Written by from Malahide

    I looked at several docks prior to purchase. This one caught my eye because of its small size. It was very easy to set up, with no real instructions required (plug & play). Day to day use is hassle free. Just plug the Thunderbolt cable into your Mac and all of your screens/USB docks work immediately. The only thing that caught me out was the ethernet cable showing in 'system preferences - network' as not being connected. It was in fact connected but it's included in the 'Thunderbolt Dock' section. I would have no hesitation recommending this dock.

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    Great dock - and you can run two external displays!

    • Written by from Kineton

    Brilliant thunderbolt dock!

    I currently have it connected to a 2014 MacBook Air with the following components connected to the dock,

    - Ethernet
    - HDMI to external display
    - USB 3.0 to HDMI adaptor to external display
    - USB 3.0 to iPhone
    - USB 3.0 to Lacie portable hard drive

    I was sceptical that I'd be able to run two external monitors in addition to the laptop display after a fair bit of internet research but thought I'd give it go in the knowledge of Apple's 14 day no quibble return policy.

    The only slight side effect is the displays flashing on and off for around 20 seconds on startup whilst the screen order settles down. Haven't experienced this previously with displays plugged directly into my MacBook via DisplayPort and USB 3.0, but it seems a small inconvenience.

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    Convenience in a single cable

    • Written by from BASINGSTOKE

    Basically this is a very expensive docking station - only you can decide if it's worth it.

    I bought this for my MacBook Pro. Every time I sat down at my desk I was plugging in a network cable via a dongle, an HDMI cable, a USB scanner and a set of speakers. Two cables on one side, two on the other. OK, not the end of the world but a bit tedious. Now I plug just one in cable and it's done - it's wonderful :-) The monitor, network, speakers and USB scanner are permanently plugged into the dock. You don't need to load any drivers, just plug it in and it works. But if you do load the optional Dock Utility it'll charge an iPad as well.
    The build quality is excellent and blends well with other Apple products. It includes the Thunderbolt cable which is a plus.

    Personally I think it was worth every penny for the convenience!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great extensibility

    • Written by from EASTBOURNE

    Bought this to get benefit of USB3 speeds with external hard drives for my mid-2011 Mac mini. Very competitive price to alternatives. Thunderbolt cable included! Easy to set up. Elgato downlodable utility enables high-power charging for iPads.

    Performance very encouraging, transfer speeds for my 8TB external storage much improved over USB2. When comparing cost of the dock plus USB3 drives versus Thunderbolt hard drives, easy to justify. Plus you get other interfaces - HDMI, Ethernet, and audio in/out.


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    The Thunderbolt Dock shows how cool Thunderbolt can be

    • Written by

    I love my new Thunderbolt Dock, I'm finally using Thunderbolt's advantages. I used to have to fiddle about with my Macbook Air, plugging and unplugging monitor, headphones, backup drive and DVD drive. It meant I probably took my Air with me less often. But now I leave all that stuff plugged into my Thunderbolt Dock, and connect it all to my Air with one little cable.

    One thing to remember though, is you must be running 10.9.2 for it to work properly. It comes with a utility that enables it to do things like charge an iPad, and recognise the Superdrive, and that requires 10.9.2. Other than that though, it works like a dream.

    I think it looks pretty cool too. It certainly cleans up my desktop, with wires now all neat and tidy.

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