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    Good idea, poorly executed

    • Written by from London

    On the face of it this seems like a great idea, expanding your phones' memory, BUT, this really misses the mark by a long way. I've been using mine for a week and it's shortcomings are becoming more apparent by the day.
    1. Copying music over, drag and dropped ok, but most album artwork didn't appear and the ones that did were really really lo-res looking. Contacted Mophie and reset the cache as per their instructions, but that didn't work. I also did a factory reset but no joy there either. It's a bit of a pain especially as I have lots of soundtracks so 'main title', 'end title' are often repeated so navigating through the tracks is a bit of a nightmare. Also it just doesn't look appealing with just grey squares.
    2. The thickness and weight, it's heavy and the extra length makes the ultra slim iPhone into a bit of a brick.
    3. I noticed it got a bit hot, not scary hot, just warmer than I was used to.
    4. You can't copy or play movies downloaded from iTunes. This is really what I wanted the space for and it doesn't work. Also there is a 4GB limit to file size you can copy, so even if it did play films you couldn't have HD anyway. I just wish that was clearer on their sales blurb.
    5. Music cannot be adjusted, there's nothing really adjustable in the app you use to access the files you've copied over. Also I use Jabra wireless headphones which has it's own Dolby app which doesn't work with the music on the space pack only with music on the phone, so I've ended up copying my music back onto the phone, saving me no space but at least I have my nice sharp album artwork back.
    6. The instruction booklet is terrible, you have to go online to the FAQs to find out anything.

    so if you have a lot of music and don't mind the missing album covers (it could just be that mine is faulty, but I can only tell you what I've experienced), lots of photos and home videos then this is for you. If you were hoping to copy films or TV shows you didn't want filling up your phone's memory, for a long journey or your daily commute then give it a miss, unless that hilarious video of your cat can keep you amused for an hour or two.

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