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    Wonderful idea, brilliantly executed.

    • Written by from Sheffield

    This is an absolutely brilliant product. I've been using mine for about a year directly from nifty and I'm so glad Apple now stock the mini drive. I use mine for storing my iTunes Library and iPhoto Library to free up space on my MacBook Air. Remember that you have to buy a mini sd card as the 2GB one that comes with it is fairly useless, so in total it cost about £60, but for 50% extra storage completely worth it!
    I've almost forgotten that it's in there it's so seamless! SanDisk now do a 128GB micro sd card so soon you'll be able to add 128GB to your mac.
    Highly recommended!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent option for reducing SSD costs / increasing storage

    • Written by from Oxford

    I have now bought two Macbook Airs (MBAs) for employees, they're great machines even with the base spec in all ways except disk space. Fortunately I knew about the Nifty Minidrive before hand, so only paid for the 128GB MBA and bought an extra 64GB MiniDrive for a fraction of the price of the increase to a 256GB MBA.
    The quality of these devices is excellent, they're easy to use and perfect for additional storage. I would (and frequently do) recommend them to anyone in need of more space at a sensible price.

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    Great little gadget for MacBooks

    • Written by from WALTON ON THAMES

    I absolutely love this item, it seems like something my mac was missing all along! Most people hardly use the card reader on MacBooks, so this is a great way to turn an unused port into an iTunes library or document storage that can be easily removed and plugged into another mac later on.

    The only thing worth noting that I didn't see in the other reviews is that the speed is better on post 2012 revisions. The port is faster on the 2012 range of MacBooks than it was on the 2011's (mine). so if you have a 2011 or older, you won't see much more that 50-80MBs per second. Not too much of an issue as most cards have limits at the moment, but in the future you won't see the gains as the speed of them increases.

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    Great so simple but effective, will be telling all my friends

    • Written by from Harrogate

    Easy to install, very flush and makes use out of something I don't normally use very often. Really handy as I need as much memory I can get. Would recommend to all

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