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    Over priced Fancy Watch (that is also not a very good watch.)

    • Written by from Leicester

    I was really excited about the new fuel band as I thought the last one, for all it's hype and excitement, didn't really do all that much. This one is more of the same only now it comes in green, orange or pink.

    Where to start.... well there are apps you can download that do a better job at tracking your fitness, namely strava, map my ride, map my run etc etc. all of which do essentially the same thing and they are free.

    "fuel" as a concept for encouraging exercise just doesn't work because other people either don't care or are sick of receiving notifications of how fit and exercise-y you are being on that day.

    step counter doesn't work very well at all no matter how tight you wear the band.

    calorie counter is completely off but how on earth that was ever going to be right I don't know.

    and despite sessions being added if you run with it, it still doesn't no that you are running! I went on a quick 2mile run yesterday to test it, and it registered fractionally more activity than I would had I have been walking. completely off again!

    the only thing going for it, and this is me being generous, is the app integration which is nice and pretty but doesnt help or encourage you at all.

    essentially what you are paying for here is the "privilege" to wear a Nike band on your wrist. I don't need a device to motivate me to exercise however I do need a device that maps my exercise accurately. the Fuelband does neither and I will be taking it back to the store as soon as I can.

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