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    Very nifty

    • Written by from Leeds

    After some debating on what kind of keyboard to get, I decided to just go for it and pick this up at my local Apple store - I'm using it right now. This is just a nifty little device, it's smart and it fits perfectly. There's a magnetic strip that holds the mini at an angle, and obviously the keyboard is quite small but it's really easy to use, I use all of my fingers to type and I touch type and I can still do that on this so it doesn't slow me down or anything.

    I used it travelling with no problem, and honestly, I have a desktop Mac which I adore, but this is a great alternative for when it isn't convenient to use it. It was really easy to connect the keyboard and the mini too, and it will automatically connect after that - and you can switch off the keyboard to save energy.

    It is a bit pricey, but considering that it's so easy to use, and is stylish and such good quality, it was kind of worth it because I've read so many reviews of cheaper boards that caused people lots of hassle and didn't do what they were supposed to. Maybe I'm lazy but I'm glad that I could just get it, connect it and go!

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