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    Very good, but not perfect

    • Written by from FELTHAM

    The build quality is excellent, as it should be at this price for desktop storage.

    Performance is very good - over 500MB/s stained on sequential workloads, and reasonable performance on random I/O too. To be fair the random I/O is never going to be a match for SSD with SATA HDD's, but if you want to the drives can be replaced with SSD's.

    My only real gripe with this unit is the noise. It's not terrible in a way that Drobo's are sometimes, but it's definitely noticeable. On my desk I also have a Synology NAS located approximately the same distance away on the other side of the desk. I can't barely hear this, even in a very quiet room (late on a night with the clock ticking in the background). I guess I'll just have to buy a longer cable and move the Pegasus further away from me.

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