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    Tech 21 Tactical case I phone 5 s

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    This case fits snugly and in the charcoal colour on a black phone looks pretty cool and sophisticated. There is easy access to the lightning connector. In addition the volume controls work positively despite being depressed from the outside of the case. At the bottom both speakers are uncovered as is the Jack socket. The power on/off button on top is also operated by pressing on the outside of the case on a raised button and it works perfectly. On the back of the phone, camera and flash port are unobstructed as the other buttons. All in all a snug fit with a lightly rubberised feel that will protect your very serious and expensive iPhone 5S!
    A definite worthwhile purchase.

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    Savvy and Sleek - A must for your device.

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    I saw some great reviews on youtube about Tech21 so decided to get the Impact Tactical in the dark version from the Apple store in Kingston. When you put it on, you can immediately feel your device is protected and grips well in the hand. It does not make your handset feels bulky but adequately comfortable to hold. I would recommend a screen protector to fully complete the protection of your device. I highly applaud and recommend.

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