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    Expensive and Ugly but highly reliant on it...

    • Written by from GRAVESEND

    I bought this for £90 which was insane. Apple and all smart phones for that matter, should have longer battery life. However, they dont and that is a fact. So I bought this tired of being on the communite home and having my iphone die after my employer decided having staff plugged into the USB's of work computers to charge their phones during the day was a security risk. (DATA theft etc)

    Yes you can bring your charger with you to work but sometimes we forget.

    I can charge my phone with a normal charger- so despite apples insistence on ensuring their devices are not interoperable, with this you can use a android charger.
    My battery life is doubled.
    I never use a apple lightening cable anymore. dont need it. I sync to drop box by wifi, and my music is downloaded by wifi. Once in awhile I will connect to back up to itunes
    Its not clunky to carry around.. granted the phone looks better without it but its usefulness outweighs all of that

    Its scratched up easily- the paint seems to not be very durable. So my phone looks BAD.

    All in all, if you need extra battery life, I would go with this.

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    Great Idea but be warned....

    • Written by from Leeds

    I loved this for 2 weeks but left my iPhone5 on overnight, charging via the cable that comes with the Mophie, but woke in the morning and the phone was completely dead - Apple think the battery was dead (only 6 maths old), but couldn't confirm. Phone battery was working fine up until I went to bed.

    Not absolutely certain it was this cable, but I won't charge it overnight on this cable again!

    Other than that, product works well and charges well. Apple even sell it with charge, so if you are running low, buy one and get charging straight away.

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    mophie juice

    • Written by from sittingbourne

    I have got one and its pretty good dous what it says on the tin
    and it makes the phone look the size it should be,a little bigger and I don't notice the extra weight the cover case part is also very good...So yes I would say worth the money and saves using a car charger,yes it's ok

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