• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Overall POOR Product

    • Written by from Newmarket

    Set up in Seconds is a Joke, it took 24 hrs and a call to the USA as support email was ignored.
    Once working had some nice features that never worked effectively twice. Frame rate is very slow, picture quality in good light is poor and Night view or low light was a collection of green horizontal lines.
    Gave up and returned to the Apple store frustrated.
    (I had to give one star to enable the posting of this review)

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Unreliable & Deeply Disappointing

    • Written by from Amersham

    I purchased five of these cameras. 3 Day and 2 Day/night versions. Unfortunately, the cameras OFTEN record static, using up your 25 per day limit for recordings. No ability to pay for additional video recordings. Note, the Night vision version of this camera is far worse. Image quality for both types is really very poor & is of little use on most occasions. iPhone/iPad app is SLOW. App user interface is awful. You are only able to monitor for 5 Mins [MAX] when connecting via 3G or from another wireless network. Why? Overall it's a really disappointing system.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Software has so few features

    • Written by from Highgate

    I can't recommend this camera to anyone. I wish I hadn't bought it. I've had an IZON camera for a while and the weak part of this camera is the iOS app and the supporting cloud system.

    The camera can capture video based on motion detection. I have two problems with this: it only stores 25 videos per day, and the video is captured a few moments after movement is detected. The camera is focused on my gate so I often get 30 seconds of nothing as the person that triggered the motion has been and gone. Once the camera has stores 25 videos of nothing it doesn't store anything else for that day. It's day is based on some North American time zone so if you are in Europe you don't get your new allowance of 25 videos until mid morning. Poor don't you think?

    The app is poor. I was driven to write this review as I had a video that I wanted to share but I couldn't find the usual 'share' button you expect on iOS apps. I contacted the Stem support and they informed me that this isn't supported but if I sent them a screen shot and the date and time they could email it to me but it could take up to 2 weeks! To make things worse the app is on version 3.3.3. That is a long time to get things sorted isn't it.

    Also, there is about a 5 second delay on the video streaming, even if you are on the same wifi network.

    The one good thing is the setup. But you only do that once so you start with a good setup experience but it is nothing but disappointment after that.

    I can't think of anything to recommend this product.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Regret buying it.

    • Written by from Teversham

    I bought this today browsing in the Apple store because I had been thinking of getting a few cameras for peace of mind when travelling and usually the products in the Apple store are good quality. It has been a hassle to set up - I had to do it manually because the camera did not recognise the code on my iPhone or iPad screens. And when it eventually worked the picture quality was poor and the frame rate just annoying.

    No more impulse buys from the Apple store ...

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Near Buntingford

    Hugely disappointed and will be seeking full refund from Apple Store. Expect around 15 frames per MINUTE when it works, no blue or red in the video feed (should be sold as black and white really) and needing constant rebooting as camera goes off line after a couple of hours. Unless you are using this as a novelty monitoring device from one room the other then avoid it. The app usefluuly suggesting that you just unplug/replug and reboot the camera (every couple of hours!) isn't really practical if you plan to use this as a monitoring device when you are away from home. The beautiful colour shots on the IZON website are so ridiculously better than what you will actually see (when it works) that I am going to make a complaint to the UK advertising standards authority. I don't know if there are better products of this type out there, I just know that this one is truly terrible. I have only given it one star as I can't give it none!

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