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    Stay in place

    • Written by from Hereford

    Previously I have never managed to find in-ear headphones that stay in place (even whilst reading let alone running). I have therefore been using Sennheiser neckbands as at least they stay in place. Unfortunately they seem to fail quickly and become uncomfortable after 90 mins or so. I therefore decided to spend a fair bit more on the Bose SIE2i (I was informed by Apple that they could be returned if they didn't stay in place). I wore them for a half marathon yesterday and astonishingly they didn't shift at all and were incredibly comfortable.
    I'm no audiophile but they sound great. I can't yet comment on their longevity but for the price one would hope they last a good while..
    I have knocked off 1 star as the lack of an L-shaped jack means there is more chance of cable deterioration and can stick into the crook of the elbow when on the arm.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Very expensive but not perfect!

    • Written by from Birkenhead

    First off, these are extremely comfortable, I can be wearing these for up to 3 hours at a time whilst training, without any discomfort! They remain in your ear no matter what you do! they are excellent in that respect. Sound quality is very good, however you can hear outside noise, so its not going to be perfect, however I would rather hear a honking horn over perfect bass any day of the week but still they sound very good.

    The supplied armband I find to be exceptional! its comfortable to wear and makes it easy to use the phone whilst its in there and also easy to adjust if needed.

    They only problem I have had, is sweat entering the button/microphone housing. This causes SIRI to have a fit and also stops the buttons from working. Once dried out they work again, but for a £130 set of 'Sports' headphones I expect better. To be fair I also own the Monster iSports and exactly the same thing happens although they are cheaper, have better bass, but do tend to irate my ears after a couple of hours, they also leave the fin bit in my ears when removing!

    All in all these are comfortable, stay put, sound great and if you can keep the buttons dry (I wear them between a base layer and t-shirt), they are superb, the armband is excellent too!

    (Ive been using them for 5 months about 5 times per week)

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