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    Mic broke 4x in 5 months

    • Written by from Fulham

    The sound was fine and being able to hear incoming buses great... But despite all the spin about these earphones being 'indestructible' the mic and controls stop working as soon as they come into contact with sweat. Bose replaced them 3 times before I gave up and asked for a refund... Every time insisting it was unheard of. It clearly isn't unheard of because all 4 pairs I had were poor quality and broke within a month, and the first person I found at my Tri club with the same pair has already had to exchange his 9 times this year for the same problem.

    To top it off the staff at Westfield Bose Shephards Bush were shockingly rude. I have had an epic-ly bad experience of Bose, and cannot recommend strongly enough that you stay well clear of these allegedly premium products.

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