• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Very dodgy wiring to the ear cups

    • Written by from Hereford

    I have found that within a few weeks of using the product, they begin to loose their appeal despite the great design. The wiring becomes very loose due to the placement of them outside the internal casing which cases them to move when packing away into the carry case and when opening up to listen to them. Due to this i nows have to move the wires on the headset around so as to get both speakers working!! I am not very impressed and I hope that the apple collaboration will iron out these stupid design errors and make them more functional father than over its form.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Retford

    as a DJ, i can not speak highly of these headphone enough. i dont normally review products but i thought these deserve it. For DJ's i couldnt want anything more, although expensive, you do get what you pay for. i will review the features; strength and rigidity. basically i chuck these in my bag where ever i go, dont fold them and dont use the carry case, just chuck them in my bag and i have had them a year now and i can safely say i dont anticipate buying another pair in the near future.. there is slight paint chipping but nothing near what they should have got considering my treatment of them. the ear cups and structure stays sturdy and only loosens with time and use which in this case is a good thing. the Dj cable is fantasist quality, the other one may need some care. the daisy chain feature has never been a gimmick for me, and lastly the sound. the sound is incredible. it is better than my old bose QC3's (which were battery powered and noise canceled) the bass has ULTRA clarity and there is no problem cueing your tracks with one playing loudly on your speaker system (i can only hear the beat of the PA when i am cueing up) but not only the bass but the highs and mids are also super high quality. i have heard a lot of headphones and i am confident that these have the best sound on the market. even better than Beats' higher end battery powered models. there is one downside to these and that is that they are not meant for normal consumers haha. i mean i can't have them on my head for more that 40 minutes without having to take them off and give my ears a rub because they are so tight. (And mine are a year old!) for me though this tradeoff is worth it purely because they sound is just so fantastic. i can't recommend these enough. everyone i show them too just smiles when the bass drops ha , hope ive helped and to summarise, the price is worth what you get, structurally they will be a massive one off if they break and the sound is second to no one. DJ in style with that massive B on the side.

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