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    • Written by from Galway

    Great case. I've had mine for nearly 2 years now and it's still in almost perfect condition (one of the covers for the buttons fell off, nothing bad it actually just made it easier to press). It gives a great feel on the skinny device. I must have dropped it on bathroom tiles, concrete, wooden floors, tables, etc and not even a scratch! I've even dropped it facing down and with that little bit of it jotting out the front, it prevented any damage. I would definitely recommend this case to everyone.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best case ever!!!!

    • Written by from Cardiff

    This case looks good and also protects your ipod very well. I have dropped y ipod numerous times fro many differnent heights ( 3m the heighest ) on concrete etc, and my ipod has never broken once!!! i recommend you buy this

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    • Written by from Houghton-le-Spring

    Very good case. Adds bulk to the device which makes it nicer to hold, although volume buttons and the sleep/wake button are hard to press.

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