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    Love it

    • Written by from London

    Have been waiting for a solution like this for a long time. The card reader is easy to set up and use and you can transfer money to your bank straight away. I can now use 1 paypal account for everything- website sales, card payments when I'm at events and now and then a phone order. If you log in via the paypal website you get some extra reports and settings that are not in the app. Highly recommended.

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    Great Idea For Your Company!!!

    • Written by from North Shields

    I have been using PayPal Here for about a year now and it is great for business, the app is easy to use and with the latest update is better than ever. The main reason I love it so much is the simplcity of it as even my mum can use it !!

    After using some of the other competitors I will be sticking with PayPal as well, it just works.

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    Credit to PayPal!

    • Written by from London

    I have received my PayPal Here device last week and it works a charm! I love the packaging, it really makes you feel like you're buying a quality product and when you have the machine in your hands you just have to admire the coolness. I didn't have to charge it, it worked straight out of the box. You download the PayPal Here App use your PayPal login details to login to the App and after 3 minutes your ready to start selling! The App is really simple to get your head around, a lot of features available, pretty cool! Nice one PayPal

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    Pay Pal here Machine

    • Written by from Gillingham

    Great card reader to use whilst on location, works very well indeed , but obviously dependant on the signal to your phone. Have used mine quite a few times now and no trouble whatsoever. Money been in my bank account before i have even got back to my office.

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    Absolutely Spot on for Small Business

    • Written by from Southampton

    Ridiculously easy to use; well done Paypal for the cracking app. Even when I wanted to log a cash payment, you can input this into the app. I used the facility to input all of my products and prices, which makes it easy to select and add up total, and i have a neat list of everything I sold on the day.
    No contract, sits on the shelf until the next show stand I do (i'm an online store).

    You will need to connect to the internet on your phone of course, so works great somewhere like the NEC.

    Thanks Paypal!

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