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    Adaptor cable cracked causing a short circuit within 12 months.

    • Written by from Welshpool

    Bought one of these as a Christmas present in 2013, the product itself is good, especially for teens who are not too hung up on high sound quality, after all, it is only £70.

    Ours stopped working within 12 months of use. The UK plugged adapter cable had cracked at both ends and was shorting out- glad I still have a home!
    Contact with Philips over a 3 month period failed to secure a replacement adapter and more concerning, they didn't ask for it back to establish why it had failed.

    Sorry Apple, your products are generally very good, but given our experience of the product and Philips' customer service, I can not recommend this product.

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    • Written by from Glasgow

    If you use your phone with a case (I use the new Apple 5S leather case) then the phone won't fit on the lightning connector. As a result the phone won't charge or play through the speaker.

    I'm returning the speaker dock for a refund.

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