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    4.5 stars... So good I can't hear s***!

    • Written by from LONDON

    I have owned a pair of MIE2i for a few years and they were very good, I loved the StayHear ear-tips and good quality sound (although they didn't quite go loud enough for me). Therefore, I didn't have reservations upgrading, was it worth the money? YES!

    Sound quality: Not amazing but very good! Unless you are a complete audio snob then they are fine. You will hear a faint electronic hiss of the noise-cancelling if you have them 'on' without playing music but don't notice it once playing music. The aware-mode is good for crossing traffic or wanting to talk to someone, it basically cuts off all noise-cancelling.

    The noise-cancelling itself is awesome! Fantastic reduction in background noise, great for riding the tube/metro/train/bus/plane! Walking along the street, buses quietly whoosh by and most cars now seem like silent electric ones and the person at the bus stop asking you a question seems like they are just miming song lyrics... until you embarrassingly realise they are talking to you! These make walking around feel like you are on your own Planet... population one...
    Use an adaptor and these are brilliant on a plane too.

    Design flaws / things to get used to (why I didn't rate 5 stars):

    You have a short cable that goes from the battery pack to your iPhone, then the long cable going from the opposite end to the ear plugs. You get used to holding your phone with the battery pack behind it so it is not dangling around if they had 'mounted' it halfway along the main cable. I am concerned about how long the cable ends will last, I eventually damaged one cable on my MIE2i going into an ear-piece. Problem is, you have to take the battery pack out of your pocket along with your phone every time, therefore increasing wear and tear on the cables.

    Don't forget to turn it off when you pack it away or it will continue to work away.

    The remote is positioned at the Y-junction of the main cable where it splits to the separate ear-pieces. I always run my cables under my shirts/jumper so it is not dangling around, now the remote is buried under my shirt so not as quickly accessible as the MIE2i remote (functions still the same) which dangled down from one ear but was accessible. Obviously this won't be an issue if you wear your cable outside your clothing (where it catches on things and you're advertising to would-be thieves).

    Conclusion, just buy them, enjoy walking around in your own quiet little world and just put up with the minor functionality issues, they are actually well designed as you would expect of Bose.

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome sound but some functionality and compatibility issues

    • Written by from Heanor

    While Bose is at the top of the chart for noise cancelling technology, I couldn't give these headphones 5 stars for the following reasons.

    1. When the battery runs out, the sound keeps going (Bonus over QC15) however sound quality is seriously degraded. Not so bad considering the battery life but if you are on a long or double flight, you better hope for USB on the plane or bring a usb battery.
    2. The short 90 degree jack is a bit difficult to unplug to the point of needing to dig fingernails into the rubber to pry it off
    3. Not compatible with smart case (at least not with iPad mini smart case) - the hole is just a bit too small for the jack. Apple doesn't appear to offer any official extension that supports the microphone / volume function either making it tough to combine the iPad with excellent protection from the smart case AND these amazing earphones
    4. The battery pack can be a in the way, especially if you want to tuck your device into a pocket or even walk with it as it tends to dangle and since the jack is at a 90 degree angle, it will pull on it slightly - recommend folding it up against the back of the device perhaps but then you'll find it tricky to take it out say if you had it in your pocket.

    So sound quality and noise cancelling - top notch. Execution / functionality unfortunately needs some work. The fact that it is not compatible with the smart case is simply silly especially in an airplane when you want the stand functionality as well as the noise cancelling.

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